Ken Peters Sheds Light Behind The Real Reason For The Switch From Analog To Digital

Ken Peters had a Dream in 1981 concerning the great tribulation,
In his dream he speaks about how our government will be able to monitor people through their television sets. Watch clip below:

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8 Responses to “Ken Peters Sheds Light Behind The Real Reason For The Switch From Analog To Digital”

  1. faith100fold Says:


    I had posted your article, “The real reason behind the switch from analog to digital” a while back at my Blog.
    You can find it here:

    My Pastor, David Meyer added his March Newsletter to his site, you can find it here:

    In his Newsletter he has the following:

    Eye Contact With Big Brother!

    Many people have wondered about the television switchover from analog to digital and the little converter boxes that the government is helping people to purchase. It is quite a scheme, and the “upgrade” is one that will facilitate high-tech mind control. Our U.S. Military has used such technology for over ten years, and it was used on the Iraqis to bring them to their knees quickly when invaded in 1990. The technology is called Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or SSSS. U.S. Patent number 4,858,612 was issued to Philip Stocklin on December 19th, 1983, for the invention. It is also known as sound of silence (remember the Simon and Garfunkel song), and it works by transmission of sound undetected by the ear but planted into the human auditory cortex of the brain. It is the ultimate in universal mind control. If this system were attempted to be used with the old analog television, it would show up only as static. That is why everything must be converted to digital, and the government will help you pay for it. Don’t put it past big brother to try to put the will of the Antichrist directly into your brain as you make eye contact with your digital television. (36) You may find yourself thinking things you otherwise would never think and doing things you would otherwise never do! Incidentally, the first verse of the satanically prophetic song “The Sound of Silence” reads as follows: “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping, And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains, Within the sound of silence.”

    I thought you’d be interested in this important read.
    Thanks, Faith100Fold

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  3. John Whittle Says:

    Barry R. Smith exposed this interactive development at least 20 years ago. It’s one of the main reasons why my wife and I have not had a TV for over ten years. Noel Edmunds used a similar idea in one of his TV series – all in the name of entertainment – where the TV was watching and listening to ordinary folk sat in the comfort of their private homes, but big brother was snooping and invading that privacy without permission. Apparently,it made no difference if the TV was plugged in or not. This technology is years old, and the use of high, low and ultra frequency pulses has also been employed in modern warfare and mind control games more than once. If I remember rightly, a scientist working with the Sony Corporation was seriously effected by such inaudable signals and suffered brain damage as a result. It can manipulate the thoughts and actions of human beings with irrevocable consequences.

  4. Evangelist Linda Waiters Says:

    I don’t know if this site is owned by Pastor Ken Peters, but I just watched your presentation/sermon on YouTube about God giving you a vision about the Tribulation. I was interested in finding out more about your ministry, and from what I can see – you seem to have gone through persecution. It’s 4:44 a.m. (ET) right now, and I’m up because my spirit has been troubled. I don’t fit in most churches either because I can’t tell people somethings wrong there and go to the same churches at the same time myself. So I’m unchurched and I don’t know where to go, but I love the Lord. My faith, however, is truly being challenged. However, Jesus is keeping me (thankfully, as usual). Maybe I’m writing just to encourage you. Keep your eyes on HIM as you said in the video and not on man. I appreciate your heart of love and forgiveness that came through in the letter to your congregation, which is posted on the internet. Visions can work to help others “and the recipient” when times are hard – so REMEMBER, and I will do the same. He is our everything. God Bless, Linda

    • david1057 Says:

      This site is not affiliate with Ken Peters, or any one else presented, or talked about on this site. This site merely provides information.

  5. Davy Sheffield Says:

    Thank You Brother Ken; for I also have had visions and The Holy Spirit to guide me. GOD brought me to watch this video, and I believe every word You have spoken. For GOD has told me, tell my people that I am coming and the end is near for all sinners. The time has come, that GOD is gathering HIS chosen together; and HE is awakening HIS chosen so that we may fulfill HIS plans. GOD Bless You Brother, and thank You.

  6. Ronald McIlvain Says:

    thank you for sharing your vision i see the tribulation just like your dream with a great revival praise the holy name of jesus my lord we shall be lead by are king jesus he shall flow throw us and all around about us praise you lord we love you sweet jesus praise your holy name my lord i have waited my hole life for this time thank you jesus have you meet that old man yet

  7. truegospelministries Says:

    Reblogged this on Truth Seekers of America!.

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