Video Resources

The Truth and The Light Ministries is now offering easy access to our produced videos for your own use.

Although all of our videos are freely posted on our youtube channel, we are offering a convenient and easy way to obtain these videos for an extremely low amount of your donations to this ministry.  We need your prayers & your support to help us continue to produce content that will awaken, edify, and enlighten many to the truth found in Christ Jesus; and to help us expose the forces of darkness that constantly work against humanity.

You can help by praying and by choosing a desired series for the requested donation amount.

Below are the series and the requested donation amount. Click on the thumbnail of interest to obtain the desired series instantly.

Currently available

  • Satanism in Corporate Society -mp4 video collection – Yours for a $5.00 donation.


  • Fallen Angels and The Book of Enoch  T&L-Series  –  Yours for a $5.00 donation.

  • John Todd -Confessions of an Illuminist-(T&L) video series collection  – Yours for a $5.00 donation.


  • Billy Graham Forerunner to Antichrist (Uncut edition) – (T&L) Documentary – Yours for a $7.00 donation.

Billy Graham Forerunner to Antichrist (Uncut edition)







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