The KJV & The Corrupt Bibles

There is a movement to merge all the religions of the world under one super religion. This one world religion its mentioned in the bible and we Christians are warned not to have any part of it. The Bible also tell us that God considers such merging of all religions as adultery to Him, for He is The Groom of the Christian Church. All that religion really is, is men’s attempt to have a relationship with God, but God already provided a way for men to have a relationship with Him; & His name is Jesus Christ.

Having said that, not all religions of the world are godly nor they worship the same God. For instance, the pagan’s worship Molech among many other false gods, the Muslims worship Allah & do not accept Jesus as God. Every religion claims to have a way to God the creator; but Christianity seems to be the only religion with multi versions of their Holy book. There are no multi versions of the book of Mormon, there are no multi versions of the Koran, or any so called “holy Books” out there, but we do have over 400 different bible versions in the English language alone! This should tell you something. It tells me that someone or something is trying real hard to confuse those who are seeking God through the Christian faith with all these translations that contradict one another. These same beings are not interested in confusing the Muslims or the Mormons or any other false religion by providing other versions of their “holy books”, but are interested in doing so to the Christian faith. Why is that?

Could it be because the Christians follow the true God and Satan cannot have that, so confusion has to be created in order to get you off the path of truth & life. After all, what best way to do this, than to change and to discredit the Word of God. Satan already has experience in challenging the Word of God as he did in the garden of Eden. As the bible says,… “there’s nothing new under the sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9.

Many Muslims (even atheist) claim that the bible is corrupted. They are right! But what they don’t know is that we still have an incorruptible version called the authorized King James Version. So how is it that these newer bibles are corrupted and not the KJV? Keep reading it will all come into place.

In the beginning of the creation of the bible texts, God spoke to men and men wrote down what God asked them to write down word for word. These hand written pieces are known as manuscripts. These manuscripts were written in various types of material; the problem with these materials was deterioration of usage.

Usage of these manuscripts and constant exposure to the elements of this earth, would cause these manuscripts to deteriorate. So before each manuscripts would deteriorate, the Jewish people were given the task to copy them.

The Jewish people having respect for God, were faithful to their duty and copy each manuscript word for word. These manuscripts continued to faithfully be copied from generation to generation and were handled from generation to generation as they were copied.

These manuscripts that were handle by the Jewish people from generation to generation are know as the “Maseronic Texts”. To make a long story short, the same process occurred for the Greek text known as the new testament.

The new testament was originally known as the “Textus Receptus” So now remember, the real text for the old testament is called the  Maseronic Texts & for the new testament the Textus Receptus. From the very beginning these texts mentioned above, were altered resulting on another line of texts.

What happened at that time was that the religious leaders wanted to control people as well as to be able to obtain economical gain from those who were trying to seek God. (This sounds allot like today) This is were the text “Codex Vaticanus” came into existence.

Another set of texts originated in a convent at the foot of mount Sinai by a group of monks who’s assignment was to edit the whole bible to conform to the teachings and doctrines of the Catholic church, which never been Christians but pagans operating under a Christian veneer. These monks who edited the bible thought that their changes were so drastic, that they thought that it would just be best to forget about the whole idea and ended up tossing these texts into their trash receptacle.

This is where these documents stayed until Constantine the emperor found them. These set of documents are called: “Codex Sinaiticus”, These documents were then later used by the barbarian Illuminati connected to the Catholic Church. We can safely know that they preserved these texts for later usage. How do we know that?

Because when they where taken out for copies to be made, they were in mint shape & excellent condition, in which suggests that they were never used as the original ones were in which had to be copied constantly. Remember, the original texts had to be copied & recopied continuously due to their constant usage & exposure to the elements of this earth. So to make a long story short, our KJV bible comes from the authentic set of scriptures copied by the original Jewish people done from generation to generation and it conforms in harmony with the  Maseronic Texts & The Textus Receptus. When the so called experts tells you that the newer bibles are in perfect harmony with the older most accurate texts, they are right. This is the name they put to the 2nd line of edited texts now known as the codex Vaticanus and codex Sinaticus “older most accurate texts”. This Is a deception to make you think that they are actually older and more accurate. This is called “deception by name”. A perfect example of deception by name is the Federal Reserve, which is not federal but privately own.

The new bibles, like the NIV, NKJ, RSV, ASV, etc, all come from the edited line of texts mentioned above, and they all contradict one another. These edited texts are owned by Illuminati people, (a network of Lucifer worshiper) our government is also owned by Illuminati people, and the Catholic Church is no different. In fact, this has gone as far, that the protestant churches are restricted from preaching against homosexuality, abortion, or any other topics that the government considers “political views”. The reason why some churches can’t do this, is because they are 501c3 tax exempt and cannot speak against the very government that gave them this status. Doing so will guarantee an audit from the IRS as well as closure of the church establishment in violation of the 501c3 contract agreement. Are you beginning to know now, who is really in charge of this earth? The bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world, making the bible to be accurate once again in all of its accounts written there in.

So now, we got the protestant churches yoked up with the government in which is yoked up with the Illuminati, in which are yoked up with Lucifer (Satan) himself. This unholy union will be used to bring all religions under one. Another interesting fact is that the KJV is the only bible authorized by a king, ordained by God, and the only bible that has a no copyrighted restriction on it. The Word Of God cannot be copyrighted because it belongs to Him and Him alone. On the other hand, all other bibles are copied righted because of the changes they all contained, making them men’s words and not God’s.

Its all about deceiving, confusing, & controlling. How ever, the Word of God does not change. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. (Matthew 24:35 KJV)

This is why we must stick to the good old KJV and not these newer translations that keep changing all the time & do nothing but confuse the people.  For God is not the author of confusion…. 1 Corinthians 14:33.

If you are interested in wanting to know more concerning  what’s wrong with the newer bible translations,I recommend Gail Riplinger’s book: New Age Bible Versions

Click here to Listen to The Bible versions Controversy EXPLAINED (full sermon) by The UndergroundChristian Network

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10 Responses to “The KJV & The Corrupt Bibles”

  1. obuluwa Says:

    Good job. Do see my article on

  2. Steve Christie Says:

    I left an objective post…why was it deleted?

  3. Steve Christie Says:

    Then I guess we should be using the ‘original’ 1611 version of the King James Bible, rather than the 1769 ‘revision’ that is read in most ‘KJV only’ churches. And if memory serves me correctly, wasn’t the Catholic Apocrypha included in the original King James Bible?

    • david1057 Says:

      1611 KJV is the best bible to use. Concerning the apocrypha, yes; it was originally in the KJV bible & its still is in Orthodoxy & Catholicism. The problem is that since its only accepted in Orthodoxy & Catholicism, the protestants rejected it, automatically assuming that whatever, these churches embrace, they must reject, which its only half true.

  4. Steve Christie Says:

    If God’s word is not supposed to be copyrighted, then why does my girlfriend have a King James study Bible that is copyrighted? What gives?

    • david1057 Says:

      Because its a study bible. A study bible contains commentaries in which are copyrighted by the individuals who commented on it.

  5. Exlynevance Emryz Gyef Says:

    I head about the changing of GOD’s word way back ago but I couldn’t paid much attention to it ’cause during that day I know nothing about the Illuminati(satan worshiping) and his agenda…
    After reading the whole script on this site, I now believe what those homies of mine. they were on point… Lord have mercy so we that are called through Your begotten Son JESUS CHRIST can reach those who’re lost… As your word inscribes ” GO YE THEREFORE, AND TEACH ALL NATIONS, BAPTIZING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT” MATTHEW 28:19

  6. Jeff Jackson Says:

    I have the Geneva 1599 version and have compared verses with King James and there are differences!….A very close friend is now getting into the ‘flat earth’ crap. He claims that there are no passages in the Bible referring to the Earth being round and in Isiah it reads to where one could construe a ‘flat earth’! Now I read in my Geneva 1599, Amos 9:6, Amos 9:61599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    6 He buildeth his spheres in the heaven, and hath laid the foundation of his globe of elements in the earth: he calleth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the open earth: the Lord is his Name.

    Read this verse in all other versions, including KJ, and you will find ‘sphere’ and ‘globe’ replaced with many different words!
    This is why I stick to the Geneva 1599!

    • T&L-M Says:

      The KJV was translated correctly from the Hebrew language. The Hebrew word for circle is “chug” and that’s what’s written in the Old Testament Maseronic text. There’s no way that the word “chug” can be translated into a sphere, that is an incorrect translation.
      Look it up in any strong concordance the word # 2329 chug. Is a circle, not a sphere. Circles are flat, spheres are not.

      2329. chugthe word “circle” which in Hebrew id

  7. Rhys Lenton Says:

    What about the Mandela Effect?

    I know in 2008, that wasn’t an issue however now there are words like matrix, aliens, bottles and even mufflers in the KJV!

    Where can we get a copy of the bible now that isn’t polluted by the enemy?

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