The Mandela Defect: A Great Delusion


mandela effect

What is the Mandela effect you may ask?

The Mandela Effect is a theory put forth by writer and “paranormal consultant” Fiona Broome who theorizes that false memories are in fact glimpses into parallel worlds with different timelines.

The phrase was coined after African president Nelson Mandela who many people claimed to remembered him dying in prison back in the 1980’s. Of course, Nelson Mandela did not die in prison in the 1980’s but more recently in the year 2013.

The so called “false memories” continues to show up in other areas. Take for instance the following cases and ask yourself what do you remember:

Many people who believe in the theory insist that they remember the popular children’s book series ‘The BerenSTAIN Bears” asThe BerenSTEIN Bears.”


How about Dan Akroid, do you remember the spelling of his last name as I do?

Dan Aykroyd

Well now his last name is spelled Aykroyd.  

Do you remember a film called “Interview with A vampire”?


Well now is calledInterview with THE vampire” 

There are many more, but I’ll give you just one more.

In the original Star Wars do you remember Dark Vador saying to Luke:

Luke I am your father“?


Well now is “No I am your father“.

So what’s really going on here, is there a glitch in the matrix?

Are we merging into parallel timelines and universes?

If you are a bible believer then the answer is clearly no.

The Mandela effect is designed to make you believe that this is exactly what’s going on as an effort to distance you further away from God.

If time traveling or time shifting would be possible the bible would have clearly tell us about it. Not only that, the text on the bible that you have at home would also change along with the timeline distortion. However, we are already told in the bible that the Word of God does not change because God Himself does not change. (Malachi 3:6 KJV)

We do however have evil people changing the word of God through different translations but that’s another topic that I previously already covered.

So why are people remembering one thing and then when we look for those very things now they seem to be changed?

Answer: Because they have been changed, just not in the way that they want you to think it has.

Example: Back in the 1980s there was no internet and Nelson Mandela found himself very ill in prison to the point that rumors began to circulate at that time that he died in prison.

These rumors circulated in America and were imprinted in people’s memories. Fast forward to the 90’s and Nelson Mandela resurfaces in the news. This created a wait a minute moment in people’s minds because they have something in their memories concerning he being previously dead back in the 80’s.

This is in fact a planted false memory.

What about the name change of  “The BerenSTEIN Bears    

toThe BerenSTAIN Bears?

This children’s book first debut in 1962. Again, no one had internet back in 1962 which suggest that the name was in fact “The BerenSTEIN Bears”. Plenty of people since then have the name imprinted in their memories as such. Now fast forward to the age of the internet. The name now has been switch to show all over the internet as The BerenSTAIN Bears not BerenSTEIN.

The people’s reaction?

They are questioning if there’s a “glitch in the matrix”.

Thankfully someone saved a copy of an old TV guide showing the cartoons of these bears as “The BerenSTAIN” so this is proof that they changed the name not that we slipped into a different reality or that there are glitches in the matrix.


There’s are no glitches only coning, deceiving evil spirits working behind the scenes with a group of evil elites who sold their souls to Satan.

But how about the Star Wars switch  from “Luke I am your father” to “No I am your father“? – You may ask.

Again, the original film came out in 1977 a time before the internet and everybody remembers the original line which says “Luke I am your father“. Fast forward to current times and you will find that the film has been remastered and re-release on DVD; it is on this current version that it now says “No I am your father“.

People’s reaction?

OMG, we’re merging into a different reality because I know for a fact that it used to say Luke I am your father“!

My response: Not a chance. In this case just like the cartoon bears’ case, people have the correct memory but are given a false claim that what it currently now says it what it has always said. Not true!

So what about the name of Dan Akroid, when did it change?

We all remember 80s movies and we also remember seeing the spelling names of the actors as they write them on the screen and in movie posters. This is where we remember seeing the name of “Dan Akroid” in film related material of movies like Neighbors and Ghost busters back in the day.  

Now, you need to understand that in order to enter into Hollywood, every star wannabe must make pacts and contracts with secret societies that are associated with Satanism which they rather call ‘Luciferism”. Without blood oaths and secret pacts, no one enters Hollywood let’s be clear on that.

Secret oaths & pacts are made and signed in blood. Its only after these pacts are made when we get to see these actors on the screen and that’s the case with every single one of them. We all heard about the casting couch, but a few are willing to talk about the casting rituals.

Now fast forward to recent times and you will find that Dan Akroid is now “Dan Aykroyd”.

Once again, you memory goes from the time before the internet to now when they changed everything related to what you remember. So if you go now to the internet you will only find the current versions of what’s being changed not the old ones.

And if you ask Dan about it, don’t expect to hear the truth from a member of a secret society such as Hollywood. Many people don’t realize this but Hollywood is in fact a secret society all to themselves.

Moving on, the same goes with the movie “Interview with A Vampire“. The movie came out in 1994 just before the internet took off and everyone remembers the correct title, but now that the internet is in full steam, versions of the new one have been planted all over the internet & people are being puzzled by it.

Now let me say this… There’s bound to be a person who may have the original VHS or books of any of the material mentioned here, containing the correct spoken lines or correct text spellings in it.

I however guarantee you that if any one that has the originals try to upload them to the internet to discredit the new versions, they will be more likely scrubbed out of the internet in no time. The agenda once again is antichrist; they want you to believe in all sorts of things that are not biblical in order to get you as far away from God as possible. Time traveling, time shifting, and merging timelines all fall under the same category as with witchcraft & magic which is what they want you believing in.

Also, if we’re merging in and out of “different realities” then we don’t have a God who is in control of time and space. What we have instead is chaos rather than order and our God is a God of order.

Is this a conspiracy?

Before I answer that, you must first know what a conspiracy is and what the word means. A conspiracy is when 2 or more agree to bring about a particular agenda. So the answer is yes!

We have evil spiritual forces guiding and working with sold out elite forces for the sole purpose of bringing about an ungodly agenda. This is the meaning of 666.

666 is an unholy alliance of three manifestations of evil. These manifestations are (Fallen angels, Demonic spirits, and a fallen humanity which = to 6.6.6.) – 6 is not only the number of man, but is also the number of sin. A mixture of man with demons and fallen angels = an unsafe able beast.  

As Christians we need to be sober and vigilant and not allow for the things of this world to control our minds. Jesus implored us over and over not to let anyone deceive us.

Examine all things, judge all things, and discern all things.



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24 Responses to “The Mandela Defect: A Great Delusion”

  1. Wendy Selvig Says:

    Just because Malachi says that God’s Word doesn’t change doesn’t mean that versions of the Bible couldn’t be tampered with. People can print inaccurate versions of God’s Word, but that doesn’t mean it is God’s Word any more… In the same way, if the evil scientists at CERN decided to manipulate time and adjust our Bible… doesn’t mean that God’s original word would pass away or be innaccurate. I can tell you that my friend’s 60 year old KJV Bible has had the words change in it…. we know from memories and hiding His Word in our hearts, not by reading it.

    • T&L-M Says:

      When people make editions to anything, (including the Word of God), there’s still remains an authentic version of whatever has been edited.
      Without truth, there can’t be any lies because without truth there’s just nothing there to lie about.
      So let’s say for instance that a change was done in one of these new age corrupt bibles saying that those who take the mark of the beast will be forgiven; that doesn’t change the original established Word of God and the true consequences of disobeying His Word.
      Now, having said that. Did you know that false memories can be implanted via different methods?
      It can be done through the power of suggestion, hypnotism, mass media, mind control, and through frequencies.
      Now more than ever all of the above can be more easily achieve thanks to television, internet, computer chips, and any other type of wireless communication device such as WiFi.
      If you think for a second that man can in fact change time, then you probably already fell under the deceitfulness of Satan and under his mind control.
      Here’s what Daniel 7:25 KJV says: And he (The Antichrist) shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to CHANGE TIMES and laws.
      The language here is very clear “THINK” is not the same thing as “BE ABLE TO”.
      You mention that your friend’s 60 year old bible had experienced changes in words. Let me tell you that the Word of God is in deed alive and what appears to be words that have changed is in actuality the veil being lifted off our eyes that we may see and understand those things in God’s Word that were previously hidden from us. The Words never changed, but our understanding of it does as God give us knowledge.
      You heart may tell you one thing, but the Word of God says that The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
      (Jeremiah 17:9 KJV)

  2. Michaelle Race Mitchell Says:

    The Bible has changed! My KJV ask yourselves, what in the Bible lies down with the lamb? Are you sure? Now look it up! What do you not put new wine into? Remember the parable of the talents? That’s changed too!! What about when Jesus said render unto Caesar the things that are Caeser’s? Well, the lion lies with the lamb in Is 11:6 but it now says wolf! Why do all the pictures show a lion with a lamb if that verse says wolf? They wouldn’t have done that! I’m not talking new bible here either. My dads 40 year old KJV, which he memorized and studied for years, used to say one thing but now says another. Your not supposed to put new wine in old wineskins. Its not supposed to say bottles! How can a bottle burst from wine! The parable of the talents is now the parable of pounds and money! Oh, and they don’t go to the money changers, they take it to a bank! That’s not right either! When they asked him about paying taxes, Jesus asked for a coin and they handed him a denarius. But now, my Bible, that always said denarius, says penny?!!! This is not right! Something is going on and if we don’t know what the Scriptures say it will soon be too late and we will be in big trouble.

    • T&L-M Says:

      Thanks Michelle,
      The exact reference of the lion laying with the lamb is not scriptural but rather traditional. Jesus came the first time to be the sacrificial lamb and on his second coming he will be the lion of Judah. The lion and the lamb have always been associated one with the other because they both represent a form of Jesus and people have been misquoting the verse of the lion laying with the lamb. Lions are not the ones who usually prey on lambs, but rather wolves are the ones. Jesus told his disciples I sent you as sheep among wolves, not amount lions. Sheep are not in the jungle where the lions are, sheep are in the fields where wolves are.

      Concerning render unto Caesar the things that are Caeser’s , I don’t see the change that you may want to point out.
      Concerning the parable of the talents, my KJV still says talents not pounds and money. Concerning the wineskins Vs bottles, all of the other translations say “wineskins” the KJV says bottles. You said bottles does not make any sense, I don’t see why not. A bottle is just a container and could be made of out of anything; skin, plastic, steal, metal, etc. So I don’t see a problem with this translation.

      Now concerning the money changers, the KJV still says money changers, changers of money or exchangers; take a look at the attachment below:
       photo money changers_zpspkj1fsy7.jpg

      Concerning denarius Vs Penny; my KJV have always said the word penny, you may find the word denarius in other translations thou. Having said that I haven’t been reading the KJV bible for 40 years but for the years that I have been reading it, it has always been consistent. The only way you can proof of any changes would be if you happen to stumble unto an old recording of a preacher quoting from the KJV any different from the KJV we have now, which would be highly unlikely.

      Now, the Word of God says: ” For I am the LORD, I change not…” (Malachi 3:6 KJV) – If God is the Word, neither does His Word change. The bible also says: “For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven..” Pslam (119:89 KJV).
      Can anyone go to heaven and change God’s Word so that change could be reflected here on earth?
      To conclude the bible says: let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written.. (Romans 3:4 KJV)
      God Bless!!!

      • NaughtyAngel N.A. Says:


  3. Simon Ott Says:

    Here you can find an OVERVIEW of CHANGES IN THE BIBLE(s):

    See also here to stay up to date with changes:

    We also have found out, WHY the Bible is being changed (one reason as to why):

    Don’t let yourself be deceived, the Bible DID in fact change and there’s HEAVY PROOF for Isaiah 11:6 that it did in fact change:

    • T&L-M Says:

      If you believe that Satan can change the Word of God, you have no business calling yourself a Christian, but rather calling yourself a Satanist would be more appropriate for giving power to Satan over God. If Satan could change the bible, the first thing he would do is get rid of the resurrection, not change insignificant words in the bible that don’t take away their meanings.
      People are getting all of the thousands of different bible translations mixed up and they don’t even know which bible has which quote. That’s why I only stick to the KJV bible which by the way, coincidental enough is the one being called into question.

      • Simon Ott Says:

        Ok first of all, to call the 66 books of the Bible the WORD OF GOD – means the Bible is your God (see John chapter 1) – seems quite idolatrious, doesn’t it?

        That’s quite an affront you make now to state that i should call myself a satanist.

        Ok, now you said, that Satan would first want to get rid of the resurrection – well, he’s a deceiver and if you start with the very obvious things first, then you’ll obviously get a less good result in deceiving people. Please use logic and think through waht i just said.

        Concerning the KJV – well, the KJV is (unfortunately was) a really good if not the best translation – yet, just go through the changes-overview link again and click on the green links for the separate changes – it seems though that some of the changes lean into the direction as to discredit the KJV, because it is now not any longer scientifically accurate and even has spelling errors in it now (you’ll see what i mean when you visit the list agian – i just updated it today)

        And the problem is e.g. Genesis 2:18 and Isaiah 11:6 /Isaiah 65:25 as well as Ecclesiastes 3:11 and Luke 5:10 seem to have changed not only in the KJV, but also in all or most other translations as well. Check the proofs for Isaiah 11:6 – this is probably the scripture that has the most proof that is still available – yet i cannot guarantee to you that it will be much longer available still, because the great deception will probably come in a very short time (2Thess2,11ff / Daniel7:25 / Amos8:11-14 / Mt24)

        Do your research and read through the material i have compilated so far and then stop further deceiving people in that you state that the scriptures didn’t change. After all, they are inspired words of God, yet they are also only ink on paper and thus subject to the powers that be in this physical world.


  4. Claude La Due Says:

    Wow…are you serious?

    They did NOT “change the name” of the Berenstain Bears at any point, especially as it is based on the name of the authors. It was just that people always misspelled it throughout the many years, even in library card catalogs and bookstore advertisements (much of which can be verified with the Google Newspapers archive), plus the title was in cursive and thus the cursive “a” was often perceived as “e”. Many people simply cannot spell or remember anything even after briefly looking at something. It is still misspelled as “Berenstein” on some online bookstores, even the first one that comes up with Google, including the author names being misspelled.

    “Luke, I am your father” makes absolutely no sense in context (as with many movie misquotes) and I clearly remember it as “no”. He was responding to Luke’s “My father is dead…” so why would he NOT have replied with “no”?

    Most of the Mandela Effect rubbish makes no sense in context with regard to what people claimed they remembered. None of the spelling changes people claim ring true to me at all (and I have read heaps of this rubbish), especially things like the “Flinstones”. There is no such stone as a “flin”. In almost every case, the false memory does not even make any sense, yet people insist on pushing “explanations” other than basic human folly.

  5. the awakened ONE Says:


  6. the awakened ONE Says:


  7. Bro. Nick Nicholas Says:

    The real issue with the Satanic ‘Mandela Effect Madness’ is that every person must make the simple choice

    -1) To believe “by faith” in “the certainty of the words of truth” ~ as they are written in the Divinely preserved Holy Bible [KJV]
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ OR – – – – – –
    -2} To believe ‘the age olde lie’ of “Lucifer”, “the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan” who still says:
    “Yea, hath God said . . . . . . ” – Genesis 3:1 [KJV]

  8. Sonya Mynes Says:

    “Judge not lest ye be judged” Matthew 7:1 has CHANGED to “Judge not, that ye be not judged” in the old faithful King James Version. Please look it up. I am a little unnerved. This verse is so deeply impressed in my memory that I cannot memorize this new way. I have to copy and paste. How does a bible that has been in my possession for 15 plus years change???

  9. miss7blog Says:

    wow,Im seriously glad that someone could sort all this out,thank u so much!

  10. Tanya Sodders Says:

    It is necessary for the church at large to engage with Christians who experience the effect for the following reasons:

    1) If their church would call them fools, there are others who will tell them they are special. Not just special, in fact – divine. That they have tapped into the “Christ-consciousness” and are ascending to the 5th dimension. We are (of course) not divine, but fallen, utterly sinful, and in desperate need of God’s salvation and grace.

    2) If they do not fall for trap #1, there is trap #2 – they will find like-minded “Christians” who have embraced the changes and taken the whole thing as occasion to rewrite the entire Bible. “From memory,” of course.

    3) If they do not fall for trap #1 or #2, they will wind up doubting Christianity as a whole. The word has been written on their heart, they are certain (such as in the case of this Pentecostal Bible-believing Christian who was raised on fiery sermons straight from the KJV) that it was judge not lest ye be judged, and they will decide that the Bible (supposedly infallible) can in fact be changed, and therefore lose faith.

    The Word of God IS infallible and unchanging – and His name is JESUS. The Bible is a book of scriptures that point us toward Him. These scriptures are printed on pages made of dead trees, bound by the skin of a dead animal. What they contain is good, but it is not the Word (see John 1:1).

    So again: it is necessary for the church at large to engage with Christians who experience the effect – which is far more than spelling errors and tiny word changes – rather than ridiculing them, accusing them of deceiving or being deceived, or even simply ignoring them.

    And tell me this, anyone who’d brush this aside: Can you tell me if Tom Cruise wore sunglasses in Risky Business? Or if Dolly wore braces in Moonraker? Does the Monopoly guy have a monocle? Did Sally Field(s?) say, “You like me! You really like me!”? Is it “another fine mess” or “another nice mess”? Did Lucy ever have some “splainin to do”?

    Do you understand quantum physics? Have you looked into CERN and whatever it is they’re doing over there in the LHC? And given that these satanists openly admit that they are going to try to open a portal into another dimension, as well as what is written in Revelation concerning the eventual opening of the bottomless pit, are you ready to declare that all of this is simply foolishness? Are you so intelligent and unable to fall for such “lies” that you can easily dismiss your earnestly searching brothers and sisters?

    I perceive the Mandela Effect. Does that mean I’m not a Christian? Decide for yourself, because here is what I believe: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23). I readily agree that Jesus, the Word, and living Son of the Father, came in the flesh. He was born of a virgin (Luke 1:35, among other verses), was crucified on a cross for the sins of the world (Mark 15:25, among other verses), and rose again on the 3rd day (Mark 16:6, among other verses). I recognize that we cannot earn our way to heaven (Ephesians 2:9, among other verses). That Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), and that it is faith in Him which leads to salvation (John 11:26 and 1 John 5:1, among other verses). In short, I believe the message presented in the Bible, and I love Jesus.

    Grant that your brothers and sisters may see something you don’t. Or at the very least, don’t outright dismiss them and throw them to the wolves.

  11. Rusty La Violette Says:

    One cannot PROVE or DISPROVE any of the Mandela Effect issues by “looking it up in anything in print today-be it map or print book” (such as scripture references or the Berenstein Bears) BECAUSE THE DIFFERENCES ONLY SHOW UP IN THE MEMORIES of people. I have looked up the geographical changes in old atlas books and they show up in error, just as ones printed today will. I know for a fact that South America is now way far (800-1000 miles east) east of where it was all my life as I studied geography and drew hundreds of maps. (Sicily was NOT almost touching Italy… The Rock of Gibralter was an island and not as it shows now= a peninsula, the Panama canal ran from east to west because South America was farther west…now it is almost north to south etc etc etc)

    The Bible scriptures that changed in my Bible as it sat on the shelf… AND NOT BECAUSE OF A REVISED OR NEWER VERSION… ARE REAL CHANGES. I have an old Bible collection, with one being in the 1600’s and one from 1778 and the scriptures in those old Bibles have changed as well.

    This just shows me that something “supernatural” has happened to some things in my world. It has caused me to read my Bible more in depth… it has NOT caused me to doubt the truths of the Bible, but to search deeper. and also to be aware that things are moving in the supernatural… here and somewhere else… Maybe Jesus has left the home base and is headed here, who knows. Surely nobody but God knows.

    So… those are just some of my first thoughts on it all. and phooey to those who deny these changes by saying “uh uh…not so. You just don’t remember right” ….

  12. Steve and Anita Says:

    I am convinced this Mandela effect is a spell or some kind of witchcraft. The fear and panic that takes hold of people who read or watch videos about his is real and not to be taken lightly. I don’t believe we should reason this out, we should simply pray against it. Recognise it for what it is, realise there are no such things as parallel universes (this is THEORETICAL physics not actual) and realise that demons are very real, they are the ones with the power to influence people with no belief system and no moral compass. If nothing is real, Nihilism is the order of the day.

  13. Z Neighbor Prophecy Watcher Says:

    The Bible is not necessarily the Word Of God. Jesus Christ is. Amos 8:11-14 says there will be a famine for the word of the Lord where they shall not find it.

  14. Z Neighbor Prophecy Watcher Says: time travel is discussed in the Bible. Regarding parallel universes what does the heavens and time and times and the dividing of time suggest? Why change heavens to heaven in the first line?

  15. elevator doors Says:

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    The Mandela Defect: A Great Delusion | The Truth

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