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Witchcraft in the Church

September 29, 2008

In June 6, 1966, Anthon Lavey founded the Satanic church in California.
Anthon Lavey was a follower of Aleister Crowley who like calling himself the “great beast 666”.
Aleister Crowley was involved in bringing Babylonian witchcraft to the 20th century.
He was a bisexual practitioner, self drugged induced maniac, child rapist, adult & child sacrifier, and he was labeled “the most wicked man in the world”

Crowley believed music could be used as a tool to lure children, young & old away from God and into wickedness which leads to death & destruction. Both, Aleister Crowley & Anthon Lavey were familiar with the power of music and its influence on people.

The beat of Rock & Roll originated in Africa with the banging of drums made out of skins of sacrificed animals.
These drum beats were used to call out evil spirits as the African tribes practiced their religion of voodoo.

The term Rock & Roll is a term to describe the act of having sex. The term Rock literally means to move back and forwards associated with the sexual act of intercourse.
The term roll, is the term to describe the rolling in bed with the sexual partner as they both “rock” together.
The term Rock & Roll also means to “disturb & have sex”.
It is no coincidence that where ever drugs, sex, & disturbances are, there is also Rock & Roll music involved.
So by the late 1960’s a plan was in effect to bring the churches down and to cut off the power of God from the churches.
Anthon Lavey and other Satanist understood the bible as well as Satan himself knows and understands the bible.
The plan was to infiltrate the churches with ungodly music. At that time it was Rock & Roll, today its all kinds of popular contemporary music.
The root of the music, its all the same.

Former Satanist who gave their lives to God, testified that the plan to introduce Worldly music into the church did took place as an effort to weaken the churches.
Pastors were convinced to let their worship team play worldly music with the excuse that it would attract many young people into the Churches.
They were also told that what really counts is the words and not the music.
The fact is that we cannot worship God the way we want to, but the way He wants to. We also know biblically, that righteousness has no fellowship with darkness.
God also told us not to be unequally yoked. In other words, we cannot marry the Holy with the unholy.

Marrying worldly music to holy words is an unholy union and unacceptable to God.
50 percent holiness with 50 percent worldliness is not equal 100 percent holiness, instead its equal 100 percent corruption.
Jesus told us that a little leven, leavens the whole bread.
When we bring these things into the church, we are running God away from the church and bringing demonic spirits to take over the church.

God cannot live in a temple with sin, the same way that God won’t share a temple with Satan.
Ever since the introduction of popular worldly music in the churches, the word of God began to be of no effect.
Worldly music is connected to a worldly culture in which includes, inappropriate dressing that has made its way to the church along with the music.
Worldly habits has also made its way to the churches, because with worldly music comes worldly habits.
These habits are smoking, drinking, watching sins on TV for entertainment and the list goes on and on. The church has become like the world and today there’s no distinction.
Satan has not finished destroying the church, the current plan at hand is to change the word of God through various translations that would make acceptable that which God clearly told us is ungodly. Remember that there’s nothing Christian about Rock & Roll. Recommended reading on the subject are: What’s wrong with Christian Rock? , The Devils-Disciples, & Dancing with Demons

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