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Billy Graham: Illuminati Puppet For The One World Religious System

August 30, 2012

By by Texe Marrs

For years, a small army of faithful pastors, ministry leaders, and laymen have been warning Christians about the dangerous U-turn of Billy Graham into false teaching and apostasy. However, the rich, influential, and powerful Christian establishment has, regrettably, blocked this message from getting out to the masses. Millions of Christians and non-Christians alike are, therefore, totally unaware of Billy Graham’s liberal, antichrist positions. They do not know of his often strange, unscriptural, false teachings and statements. Nor do they know of the hidden origins of—and the secretive men behind—this man’s meteoric rise to stardom.

Repeatedly, I have been warned that if I dare to expose Billy Graham and his gigantic organization, the powers that be will utterly destroy Texe Marrs and Living Truth Ministries. But, my friends, the time has come when I simply must tell you the truth–the unvarnished and necessary truth. I have faithfully followed the leading of the Holy Spirit in opening my voluminous files and, finally, reporting the awful truth about the person whom the whole world adores. Yes, Billy Graham is more admired and loved than presidents, kings, prime ministers, and sports stars. Even the wicked elite of the movie and TV industry has recognized the man, rewarding the evangelist with his own star on the “Hollywood Sidewalk of Fame.”

But, our Lord Jesus Christ has his own criteria for recognizing the achievements and merits of men and women. What might God have to say about a man popular with the world who sings the praises of bloody Communist dictators and who enthusiastically promotes the spiritual authority of the Vatican and its Pope? What might God conclude about a man like Graham who endorses false bibles and supports the blasphemous worst of Hollywood movies? And ask yourself: Would God look favorably upon a “Christian” evangelist who is painfully and embarrassingly silent on the crucial issues of abortion and homosexuality?

Yes, it is true – Billy Graham is the friend of President Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Jeanne Dixon, and Pope John Paul II. Moreover, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell and a host of other religious authorities have put him on a pedestal. But, I ask you, what does God say?



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The Phantom Book: Get your free copy while you can!

June 1, 2009


Fritz Springmeir dedicated his life in the research of secret societies & is considered to be the foremost # 1 authority in the world when it comes to Illuminati research.
His knowledge & deep inside understanding of the global elite, made him understand that we are under a matrix of evil ran by the same globalist running the industrial complex.

Their final goal is to chip everyone & everything on this earth & make you worship an angelic being that many will persive to be an “ALIEN” others, the return of Jesus, while others, simply a “SAVIOR”.

This being cannot come to offer peace until the world has been ravaged with war & chaos.
The Illuminati then controls world events in order to bring about the desire outcome in which will further their agenda in enslaving the population.

The overwhelming evidence compelled Mr. Springmeir in writing a book that send him to prison.
Mr. Springmeir was conveniently framed & accused of “conspiracy against the government” & also charge for conspiracy to commit bank robbery. The news were broadcast worldwide by the very media the Illuminati owns & runs; in which most people are not aware of this fact.

Like his counterpart John Todd, Fritz became another casualty of the Illuminati by becoming a frame victim of a crime he did not commit. This was done in order to discredit him & his book in which book presents overwhelming evidence of the conspiracy to enslave mankind.
His book disappeared from every shelf worldwide, & a copy cannot even be obtained on ebay to this day.

His book became a phantom!

But now, you can get a copy in ebook form & is free to download. Find out what destroyed this man’s life & ended costing him his life; find out what the Illuminati don’t want you to know!

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