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Are you a Christian with Christian content looking for a platform to be heard?

Or do you have a Christian product, website, blog, or message that you would like to promote to hundreds of other Christians interested in your message or product?

For as little as $5 we can promote your Christian content such as: video, podcast, blog, book, or product to hundreds of fellow Christians in our network.  You will not only be promoting your content to hundreds of Christians and fellow believers, but you will also be assisting our ministry in moving forward and shinning more light into a dark world. This is a win win opportunity! – In addition, your small fee coverts a lifetime of promotion. In other words there are no reoccurring fees to keep your content in our network!

For further details, please fill out the form below with your inquiry and tell us information concerning what you would like to promote in order to get you started as soon as possible! 

Note: Christian content only!


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