What if everything you were taught was wrong?

What if you were lied to and manipulated from the very beginning of your life?

Well, welcome to the Truth & The Light blog. The plain truth is that we are living in a Satanic world whether you believe in a Satan or not.

This blog will exposed the forces of darkness that you are not aware of and hopefully wake you up to a state that you may not be deceived by the forces that run this world.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Lee Goodall Says:

    Hey, great site, I only came across this by accident, as I was watching a video om you tube.

    I am not following you. I have not got a look much at what you have on here, just a quick view, but it all looks to be the what I am into.

    I have a group on facebook also, if you want to check it out here is the link…


    I am looking forward to watching your videos as well. Here also is my you tube account link if you are interested…….


    Our interests are the same đŸ™‚

    God bless

  2. Pastor Anil Jasper (@PastorAnil) Says:

    Dear Thomas horn, Please kindly contact me. I would like to discuss about ” Gods among us”. My e-mail: anil_jasper@yahoo.com

  3. Lee Silber Says:

    Dear Tom Horn, Please tell me when you believe Jesus will rapture the believers Perry Stone,and Jonathan Beris tell the listerners that Jesus will rapture the believers Sept 9, 2013 Rosh Hashunah The Feast Of Trumpets Tom when will Jesus rapture us out? Also who do you believe is the antichrist ( I believe it’s Obama), the false prophet ( I believe it’s the new pope) I got this knowledge from Dr. Van Impe. What is the image of the beast ( or antichrist)? When will World War 111 start,and what nations will be involved? When will the battle of Armageden start,and what nations will be involved? What does the Golden Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem have to do with this rapture generation,as well as t he 7 year tribulation period? My email is leesilber@rocketmail.com

    • david1057 Says:

      Sorry, I have no affiliation with Tom Horn & he has non to me. Please address Mr Horn at his own social or personal website.
      Thank you!

  4. Chris Davis Says:

    I’m a little impressed by the pulling together of these disparate events and organizations but I feel that the concept of magick is not well represented here. For example, there are many different types of people who practice magick. Natural Magick is basically using the materials provided by nature to help people live more comfortably–a great example us herbal medicine and predicting the seasons by the moons. Unnatural Magick involves a variety of operations, some of which involve correspondence with spirits. You’ll never understand Magick from the outside, there are deep mysteries that are only known by practitioners. Put it out of your mind and give yourself some peace of mind and a few hours away from your computer.
    —-HOWEVER: The blackest magick that the world faces is USURY and the FRACTIONAL RESERVE SYSTEM. These are persistent evils that constantly undermine humanity. Do away with fractional reserve and usury.

    • T&L-M Says:

      It doesn’t matter what a person thinks magic is. The fact is that magic involves demons to do things while making the person believe that these are powers drawn by nature. Also, what matters is that God said don’t do it. He knows that people who practice this are opening themselves to demonic attacks and all kinds of deceitfulness that will lead a person straight to hell.

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