Should Hillary Be Imprisoned?

Hillary Clinton spent over over 30 years of corruption and treason and wanted to continue her criminal cartel carrier through the presidency. Now that Trump has been elected, do you think Hillary should go to jail?

Take the poll found in the following video and voice your opinion to let Trump know how you feel concerning Hillary Clinton.






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4 Responses to “Should Hillary Be Imprisoned?”

  1. Ida Mann Says:

    If she isn’t put in prison, them everyone who is in needs to be let out!

    • The Truth & The Light Ministries Says:

      Well, that was exactly their anarchy plan. They want to release thousands of known violent criminals to run the streets and create chaos.
      The liberals depend on the votes of criminals and illegal aliens to support their wickedness & ungodly agenda. They want chaos so they can bring in their new world order.
      It is through disasters that they implement new rules and laws, disasters that they themselves created in order to remain in power.

  2. Suzie E Antrobus Says:

    Yes, she’s demon possessed.

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