Are Genetically Resurrected Giants Being Unleashed To Kill Us?


Dr Scott Johnson discusses whether the sons of God were the righteous lineage of Seth or the fallen angels who came into the daughters of man in accordance to Genesis 6.  

His discussion also involves claims by former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson who states that he has firsthand knowledge of the return of nephilim giants being unleashed into society.  


Greg Everson states that these nephilim giants are the result of DNA extraction from giant bones previously discovered and by DNA manipulation involving human and DNA mixtures resulting in other forms of nephilim hybrids know as chimera.

The question remains if they’re coming, are they coming to kill us?

Hear and decided for yourself.

Learn more about the book of Enoch by clicking below:8291922_orig

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5 Responses to “Are Genetically Resurrected Giants Being Unleashed To Kill Us?”

  1. Elsje Parsons Massyn Says:

    I read the book of Enoch. Fantastic revelation of God’s “sons” the fallen angels that had sex with human woman and had Nephilim children with them. That taught them all kinds of evil, war, eating of flesh and drinking of blood etc.
    But the idea was that the flood was supposed to wipe out the Nephilim race altogether.
    Unfortunately we don’t know if Noah’s son’s wives could have Nephilim blood in them and therefore after the flood had children that continued the Nephilim evil afterwards.
    Its all a mystery.

    • The People For Trump Says:

      HI Elsje Parsons,

      Rob Skiba is in error when it comes to this. I mentioned him because he is the one who keeps pushing the idea that nephilim blood made it into the ark through Noah’s family; and it sounds like you’ve been listening to him. I like Rob a lot but he is wrong on this one. God allowing nephilim blood into the ark would have defeated his purpose of destroying them in the first place. Check out my article in which explains how they really came back after the flood and leave you comment and let me know what you think then.

      Here’s the article:


      • Elsje Parsons Massyn Says:

        My dear I have never heard of Rob Skiba. This is my own interpretation.
        I must say I like your notes also on the Fallen Angels and Nephilim, but since none of us were there when it all happened all claims we can make about our interpretations are that they are “maybe’s and if so’s”.

        No-one has the actual facts and how it happened.

        Saying that DNA were extracted from mummies etc. and used for these purposes is also a fairy tale, which we have no proof of just as all the other interpretations you, Rob and I are making.

      • The People For Trump Says:

        Thanks for your response. If you don’t know who Rob Skiba is, look him up he has the same point of view as you. Concerning the fairy tales, all you need to do is do some research and see that it is possible to extract DNA from mummies. Cloning is also no fairy tale. Satan has the knowledge and has been having this knowledge for a very long time and gives it to his minions to do his will. Having said that, I have no doubt that he had his minions back then doing the very same things they are doing now in the open concerning DNA manipulation. This is of-course all speculation, but is reasonable speculation knowing what Satan is capable of and knowing the times we’re living in.

      • Elsje Parsons Massyn Says:

        Hello dear
        I have no doubt Satan is a formidable adversary and is capable of almost anything including using his human agents to tamper with genetics to try and fulfil his purpose. Thanks for admitting that all our opinions are speculations at this time with no actual tangible proof that what we think or interpret are true.
        We will keep our eye on the ball as God’s Holy Spirit Himself will allow the truth to unfold itself in due time as we seek it, because were all looking for TRUTH and FACT because we all know in the end speculation does not help much to set the record straight. Only truth and proof does.
        Kind regards

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