Exploring The Flat Earth Controversy

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The hot topic these days on the internet seems to be the debate between a round globe earth VS a circular flat earth.

I have to admit that when I first heard that this is still being debated today, I thought it to be something stupid not even worth my time looking into.

Then I remember that this was exactly what I thought when I heard people claiming that 911 was an inside job. I thought it to be an impossibility and something stupid not even worth looking into. Needless to say that I was proven to be wrong when I finally decided to look into it.


Because I found overwhelming evidence that change my perspective on what was spoon fed to me through the media and decided to hear and weight out the evidence that was leaning on the other side.

Having this same scenario in mind, I decided to look into the flat earth theory to at least listen to the other side’s perspective to see why they think they way they do in regard the true dimensions of this planet.

I have to say that after looking at the evidence and doing the research for myself, I am now convinced that we have been lied to in what it should be considered to be the greatest deception of human kind’s history.

This compartmentalized conspiracy is the mother of all conspiracies.

And what exactly is a conspiracy?

A conspiracy is when 2 or more people agree in secret to bring about an evil agenda.

Many people today have been condition to think that a conspiracy is something impossible, that 2 or more people cannot get together in secret to plot something evil.


Has anyone heard of the Bilderberg group, Bohemian Grove, Freemansonary, and other groups that meet in secret?

Has anyone heard of agenda 21 and the New World Order?

These have been plotted in secret for many years and is the result of these groups meeting in secret to bring about a one world dictatorship system in which they would be the kings and the rest of us their slaves.

Sounds impossible?

Think again, the bible speaks about these so called kings that have one mind, meaning that came to an agreement or conspired together to give their kingdoms over to the antichrist. (Revelation 17:13 (KJV))

What does this has to do with a flat earth?

Well to think of it, it has a lot to do with it. The elite who meet in secret and control the world from behind the scenes are a group of Luciferians who follow and worship Satan. Satan simply means adversary or enemy it’s not a name. The word Satan is a title while Lucifer its the name of that “Satan” who is the enemy of God and mankind. So technically these groups of elite are all Satanists in whose job is to kill steal and destroy (John 10:10 (KJV)).

That means that they would do whatever it takes to serve their master Satan aka the devil because they belong to him and they will do his works (John 8:44 KJV)

These same people are the ones running NASA and world governments.

NASA has been proven to have lied in almost everything they have spoon fed the population. This includes pictures, videos, and reports made by NASA; all of these have been debunked and proven to be fraudulent & staged.

Should we be surprised?

No, why should we?

After all, the father of NASA was no other than Satanist Jack Parsons who was a close friend and follower of Alister Crowley who labeled himself the wickedest man who ever lived and the great beast 666.

Alister Crowley & Jack Parsons

NASA are the people telling you how you planet looks like, lying about going to the moon, feeding you hoaxed videos, and constantly lying about everything.

Not only they lied about going to the moon which is something impossible due to the radiation belt around the atmosphere that would destroy and disintegrate anything daring to cross it, but they had to lie in order to create a false global world for you.

You see, accepting the fact that the world is a flat circular contained place would give too much credence to the bible’s account of creation. A false world had to be created in behalf of their master Satan, in which evolution could be brought into the lie.

The ancients believed and knew that the earth was and is the center of the universe. They understood that we live in an enclosed circular dome shape flat earth in which inside of it are all the stars, the moon, and the sun, just as described on the Genesis account of creation.


Ancient Hebrew rendition of the earth.

(Sun and moon orbiting within the earth’s firmament as indicated in the bible.)

This biblical earth does not give Satan any room for an end time deception involving evolution, aliens that come outside the global earth, global warming, and of course the New World Order.

You see, by reconstructing the earth from its current shape to a global shape, they have been successful in lying that the sun is 149,600,000 km from the earth when the fact is that the sun is enclosed inside the earth’s firmament (Genesis 1:17 KJV) and it’s much, much closer than what they keep telling us it is.

Now, when we look at the earth’s circular flat model, which by the way is what the ancients used to navigate with; we can clearly see how this would make sense.

Flat earth map used by ancient navigators.


This would explain why all flights from the southern hemisphere disappear from radar, in order to hide the travelled routes of those flights that supposed to go around a globe that does not exist. They need to hide the true travelled routes and in order to hide the true shape of the earth from us. By hiding the true earth, they’ll be effectively hiding God from us. Remember, it would be impossible to fly around the globe when the earth its flat.

So if the earth is flat and the sun, the moon, and the stars are contained within our firmament as described in the bible, This would also mean that the sun it’s not solely responsible for the earth’s temperature, but rather the earth’s oceans would be the ones mostly responsible in creating different temperatures throughout the earth by its currents coming from underneath the surface of the ocean. Kind of like some sort of high tech air conditioning system designed & created by the creator Himself.

But if they sell you the lie that the earth its a globe and that the sun is where they say it is, and that it keeps changing and coming closer to the earth, then they can sell you “global warming”. Because the fact is that the sun it’s already closer to the earth and it’s not the one responsible for either global warming or climate change.

Although there have been drastic changes in the earth’s climate, it has nothing to do with the natural courses that God has established for this earth. Rather it has to do with the technology that they have already admitted to possessing in which enables them to modify weather patterns.

So now we begin to see that by turning the earth into a globe, they can now further lie about where the sun is located, as well as non-existence threats from “outer space”, all in which would have us at their mercy in how to remedy a problem that doesn’t exist.

Thanks to the global lie, they can bring global warming, climate change, agenda 21, and all these non-sense that are tied up into their New World Dictatorship government agenda.

Some may ask:

What about GPS & Satellites?

The GPS system was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. All GPS systems around the earth are being ran by the U.S. Department of Defense. This means that they control all the visible date displayed on these devices. In other words, they remapped the entire earth in order to conform to the global model invented by them. No wonder that I’ve navigated with a GPS before displaying the data that I am somewhere that I clearly know I am not at.

Having said that, this is why there are no flights that go around the globe, instead these flights are being re-routed via GPS giving the planes and ships the illusion of being in a place (that they are not at) but which conforms to the made up global map.

Concerning satellites, no one has been able to locate and spot any of them orbiting the earth via telescope. We can see the moon, stars, other planets, but never any satellites. My guess is that satellites don’t exist because the whole space program has been a lie used in order to produce a false image of the earth to further an agenda.

Its also my guess that satellites are not needed for a so called GPS system to function.

The true name of this system on a flat earth surface should be called FTPS (Flat Terrain Positioning System).

For instance, they tell us that the internet works with satellites when in fact all countries are connected with fiber optic cables placed throughout the oceans.

I further believe that perhaps this is where HARRP comes in.



What is HARRP?

HARRP stands for (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

My hypothesis is that these antennas are not only used to modify the weather, but that they also could possibly be doubling as GPS signal senders throughout a flat earth model and thus the deception continues.

How would this scenario would work?

Take a look at this simple diagram below: (Click to enlarge)


Arecibo Observatory satellite dish

Keep also in mind that there are other HARRP type devices throughout the earth as well as other giant receivers and re-transmiters like the one in Arecibo Puerto Rico.

These could make a fake GPS signal coming from HARRP even stronger throughout the real earth and reachable to every GPS device making you think its coming from a satellite.

(Now, this is only a theory but its worth looking into, since all the NASA missions have been proven to be fake and thus they cannot be trusted in whatever they tell us.)

For instance, they been telling us that those giant dish antennas like the one in Arecibo Puerto Rico is there to try to communicate to life outside earth. Really?

You think they’ll be wasting money for something they’re not even sure of?

It makes more sense that these are receivers and transmitters for something else like the hypothesis presented above.)

Having said all this, not only the bible points towards a flat disc earth, but so does the book of Enoch in which speaks about “the ends of the earth”. Only a flat surface has ends, while a global surface would be a continuous endless loop. The bible also speaks about the four corners of the earth.

For more biblical and scientifically evidence proving a flat disc earth, click here to check out the evidence for yourselves.



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6 Responses to “Exploring The Flat Earth Controversy”

  1. Sherry April Bailey Says:

    Profound Truth, Bless You For Sharing!

  2. helenadiane Says:

    Beautiful article! Your scenario re satellites (or lack thereof) makes perfect sense. I read all the ‘scientific’ crap out there. Who exactly is naive? Isn’t it reassuring to know that the Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t give a diddly squat about the opinions of fools?!

  3. Exploring The Flat Earth Controversy; A Christian POV | Plane Not A Planet Says:

    […] Exploring The Flat Earth Controversy […]

  4. Robert Quist Says:

    thanks for sharing, very interesting. So many clues everywhere and put togheter we might have the answer of what place we are actually living on. Peace

  5. snoop4truth Says:

    Great stuff,

    Bust sadly, the are disinformation agents on BOTH side oif the Truth Movement.

    Conspiracy promoter, Deborah Tavares, supports her claims with documents. But, what the public does not know is that she FORGES some of these documents herself. Other times, she ALTERS and CHANGES the words and images to make them fit her claims. Still other times, she INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENTS what the documents really are or what they really say.

    Every document that Deborah Tavares uses to support every one of her claims is explained below. Google “The Hoaxes Of Deborah Tavares” (in quotes), or click here. https://www.waccobb.net/forums/showthread.php?130336-THE-HOAXES-OF-DEBORAH-TAVARES-(CONSPIRACY-WEAPONIZED-WEATHER-FIRES-and-DEPOPULATION)&s=e2bc6057c609cc32fc287b5251098254.

    I thought you should know.

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