CERN: The Gates Of Hell




Should you be concern with CERN?

I think everyone with a rational mind living on this planet should be. Opening portals, and messing around with dark matter; black holes; etc has the potential of unleashing The Book of Revelation unto this planet.


There is such a thing as hell and the gates of it. If this wasn’t so, Jesus Christ would not have mentioned it on Mathew 16:18 KJV which reads as follow:

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

So clearly there is such of thing as the gates of hell or a portal from a devilish dimension that CERN is purposely messing with in which is my opinion that they know exactly what they’re doing and what they want to accomplish. Its becoming more apparent that the people who developed CERN and work in this project  are being guided by dark forces that want this being done. Dark forces like fallen angels (AKA aliens) and other demonic entities that are working hard in seeing our destruction.

To learn more specific details about CERN and about what’s currently going on with these demonic experiments, please listen to the following video posted below by a CERN insider.

I also urge everyone who is a born again believer in Christ Jesus to strongly and diligently pray against this monstrosity that they want to unleash upon us.


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2 Responses to “CERN: The Gates Of Hell”

  1. Kathy Haverly Says:

    More prophetic words on Ken Peters dream ….

    Important info about your dream, our interaction so far was not an accident, it was a divine appointment.

    The scriptures I used are not by chance, they are directly related to the telling of your dream regardless if your dream was real or not real.

    It’s telling is as prophetiic as it’s declaration of it. Whether you had it or not is not even a point to consider, because it’s telling is significant regardless.

    The scriptures I used from Haggai and Judges both are intertwined into your dream.

    And you may want to hear what I have to say.

    In your dream you were already a Christian, and a frightened one. And your wife was considered bold in your measure.

    You ran to your own house. You met an old man who stated he was not ready and was now working or being as he should have been, but expressed a regret.

    I came upon your video in the 1st week of January, 2018. Mosab “the man” you confirmed stated in one if his videos over the last 10 years stated Islam will be different as if dissolved by 2018.

    He has an Arabic book for free download, and I have noticed a change over 2017 from my evangeistic efforts through debates with Muslims to false doctrinal strongholds that seem to be blazing judgment for judgment related to Israel and Torh and many judgments that are snarling the body, as well as thinking many I speak to on line as a form of Muslims, as Chrislam.

    And I have seen brethren adopt these doctrines as if taken by flood.

    Anti-Israel false witnesses easily accepted by people who I am shocked have been taken. And it’s two in a … one taken …Luke 17 33 – 37. Table for the birds.

    The scriptures I have given you in our correspondance are prophetically connected to the verbal account of your dream.

    Haggai – tending your own house … church, ministry, family … while the Lord’s house is left unattended.

    The old man protected the Lord in his house, but offered the Lord’s concubine and daughter.

    The concubine was found to gave staggered to the stoop, and fell dead.

    The story ends in completing his house as the remnant of Benjamin are joined to the 400 dancing virgins.

    Your dream speach is prophetic.

    And is a warning to the church and leaders and to you.

    Email conversation I recently had with Ken Peters.

    I sent him info on someone and asked him if this was the man he saw, and he answered to me this was the first time anyone sent him a person he answered “yes” to!

    I put it into the below link because it was the only way I could share the content.

    I assure you, if we are correct this is a matter for spiritual leaders to see and discuss.

  2. Visit here Says:


    CERN: The Gates Of Hell | The Truth

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