Re: The Book of Enoch Exposed: (The Defense)

I’ve been receiving a lot of ignorant comments concerning the book of Enoch from a lot of well meaning folks out there.A lot of their comments are taken from an article written by the writter of

I am writing this article in order to answer future questions about the book, since doing so in individual basis seems to be a never ending task.

I will answer the points found in, but before I do, I will open my defense of Enoch with the following statements:

The book of Enoch was written about 4000 years before the birth of Christ and also predates all the books in the bible.
Before the Old Testament, people were reading the Book of Enoch.

Point # 1 - The bible says that Enoch walked with God 365 years before God took him alive into heaven. So are we led to believe that such a righteous man lived on earth that long without writing something that would edify future generations?

Point # 2 - The book of Enoch prophesied of the coming messiah the “Son of man” who would be the Savior of the world. Again, about 4000 years before the birth of Christ

Point # 3 -
The contents of the Book of Enoch validate the bible, before the bible was ever written. When I read this book, it just strengthened my faith in God and the bible.

Point # 4 - Now, Peter & Jude both quoted favorably from the Book of Enoch and called Enoch a prophet. That means that if the bible identifies Enoch as a prophet, then we should expect prophesies from that prophet, in the form of writings in which prophecies were recorded in.

Point # 4 - Enoch was not quoted once, but at least 2 times by different prophets. In the bible, all God’s prophets reaffirm one another. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. (Can we say that this is a coincidence that God tells us this verse twice in the bible? – Deuteronomy 19:15, & 2 Corinthians 13:1)

Point # 5 - If Enoch walked with God as a righteous man for 365 years as the bible stated, then the man would of have to had been inspired by God to  write what he wrote, even more so than those who wrote the Old testament who were not as righteous of the level of Enoch, nor lived as long as Enoch.

Having been given all these points to begin with; I also found that the opening of the book of Enoch begins with explaining that the book is intended for a future & distant generation far off.

I tend to believe, we are that generation.
That would explain the book resurfacing in the 1940’s in the dead sea scrolls, along with many other books from the bible.

Now, since the book explains the origins of demons and the fall of certain angels that fornicated with women, that also explains, witchcraft, drugs, and our technology and so called UFO and alien sightings. (The book of Enoch says that the fallen angels taught humans these things.)

We actually have an explanation for the Hindu gods, advance civilizations, and so called “aliens from other planets”.
Now, knowing this, and knowing how the churches are being controlled, should we wonder why the main stream churches deny and fight against the book of Enoch?

Every program we see on TV concerning the book of Enoch, all dismiss it & sway the audiences into not believing in the book. We see the same exact thing in the 501c3 mainstream state churches. People are being taught & conditioned to believe that the book is either fake, or heresy. This is designed to keep people away from learning the truth about fallen angels, demons, & aliens which are closely one of the same.

Now, since I have done a lot of reading & a lot of research, I recognize the teachings of the 501c3 church & I know when people are just quoting other people and passing it as facts. This is what this writer from has done when he echoes exactly what the 501c3 pastors teach in their state churches against Enoch.

The following are his points from his article, followed by my responses:

Enoch chapter 40:9

and the fourth, (angel) who is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, is named Phanuel.’

He argues: “We read in 1st Timothy 2:5 that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Mediator between God and men”

My response: Enoch does not say that any angel is a mediator between God & men, therefore based on this alone; you cannot say it contradicts the word of God. Enoch is saying that there are angles (set over) meaning “protecting”, “watching over”, helping”, “ministering”, those who’ll received repentance unto hope and are heirs of eternal life.

Now compare Enoch chapter 40:9 reference to Hebrews 1:14

Are they (angels) not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

Angels are set over those who received repentance unto hope who will be heirs of salvation. (Enoch confirms the bible) We know that angels have ranks and leaders over them, such as Michael the archangel. It shouldn’t be difficult to believe that the leader of this type of guarding angels for the saints is called Phanuel.

He argues: ”But the bible doesn’t mention any angel named Phanuel.”

My response: The bible is clear that there are billions of angels as part of God’s creation. Why on earth should we expect the bible to name them all?

He further claims that Enoch lie when he mentioned an angel by the name of Phanuel.

My response: If Enoch wanted to lie and was inspired by Satan, he would have used a name of an angel that everyone is familiar with. Satan knows the names of the angels; why not give Enoch a name that he knew people would buy?

(This is further proof that the bible has not been written during this times)

After all, Satan used the name of Gabriel as the angel who appeared to Mohamed the Islamic prophet.  Satan knew that he could not used unfamiliar names from the scriptures in order to convince people into a new religion that resulted in Islam, so Satan took an angel’s name from the Scriptures in order to convince many into a false religion. On the other hand, Enoch is not a new religion, but a tool that validates what’s written in the bible. A lot of secular & atheist sources accuse Christians of circular reasoning because we believe only what’s in the bible. In other words, they claim that we believe the bible to be true because the bible says its truth. They claim this is ridiculous, so I say fine. How about other books outside the bible that points to the bible and validate the bible?

At this point, there’s no further argument from their part. So God has given us other sources outside the bible, in order to validate the bible.

Next point the writer of brings in his article:

Enoch chapter 48:1-3.

…before the sun and the signs were created, before the stars of the heaven were made, His name (The name of the son of man (Jesus) was named before the Lord of Spirits.

He argues: Was the Son of Man named?  When was Jesus named in Heaven?

My response: 1 Peter 1:20 says that Jesus was foreordained before the foundation of the world.

So if Jesus was foreordained before the foundation of the world, then what’s the problem with him also being named before the foundation of the world?

I don’t see a problem with Enoch’s statement, but people who oppose Enoch’s writing will make issues of things that are easily reconcilable with Scriptures, & one needs to wonder if there’s a hidden agenda.

They continue with

Enoch chapter 69:8-12

8 on the earth from that day and for evermore. And the fourth was named Penemue: he taught the 9 children of men the bitter and the sweet, and he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom. And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to 10 eternity and until this day. For men were not created for such a purpose, to give confirmation 11 to their good faith with pen and ink. For men were created exactly like the angels, to the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death, which destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them, but through this their knowledge they are perishing, and through this power 12 it is consuming me. And the fifth was named Kasdeja: this is he who showed the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb,

He argues: What … man’s wisdom came from a demon named Penemue?  That’s crazy!  Did ink and paper cause the fall of the human race?  Whoa ..

My response: Again, misinterpreting what the text actually says. The texts says that the fallen angel Penemue, not a demon, taught them all the secrets of their (fallen angels’) wisdom, not that men’s wisdom came from them, but fallen angelic wisdom came from them.   

They continue to argue: It was Adam’s sin that brought sin into the world (Romans 5:12); not evil literature.

My response: Enoch does not mentioned at all that sin came because of these fallen angels, he is simply explaining how the fallen angels perverted further the human race by teaching them things that were ahead of their times, that alone is wicked in the eyes of God because they were intervening and mingling themselves with mankind. We can also see in chapter 69:12 which conveniently left out, we can see these fallen angels were already teaching mankind how to do abortions. This adds even more credibility to the book of Enoch.

He continues with:

 Enoch chapter 1:9

  1. And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones To execute judgment upon all, And to destroy all the ungodly: And to convict all flesh Of all the works of their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed, And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.

He argues: “There is no Biblical record of a “Book of Enoch.”  There is NO doubt that Enoch made these statements as Jude 1:14 confirms; but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he authored the entire Book of Enoch (or ANY of it for that matter).  It’s a question of who copied who? ”

My response: That’s a weak argument, because if Jude was quoting from Enoch who lived 4000 years before him, we can safely assume that he quoted from text.

We can safely assume this, because Peter also refers from Enoch on 2 Peter 2:4 which reads:

For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

Jude chapter 6 also makes references to the imprisonment of these fallen angels in chains of darkness, reserved for judgment day.

All these are references to Enoch, which tells us the same thing, about these particular fallen angels which were bound in chains of darkness for their sin and were reserved for judgment.

 We also know from the bible that 1/3 of Satan’s angel were cast into the earth, not into chains of darkness in hell. So the bible itself tells us about 2 distinct & separate groups of fallen angels. Those who sinned with women; and those who fell with Satan during his rebellion.

So are we led to believe that Jude & Peter are quoting from nonexistence sources?

Then, they argue that is a matter of who copy who. Let’s see, Jude quotes Enoch, but they want us to believe that someone who claimed to be Enoch wrote a book after Jude, to confirm what Jude wrote?

Not to mention that the book of Enoch has been dated to prior the days of the Old Testament, so how can one from the past copy one from the future, unless they believe in time machines before believing what Enoch wrote.

They go on with:

Enoch chapter 7:12-15

Whose stature was each three hundred cubits. These devoured all which the labor of men produced; until it became impossible to feed them;

He argues: A “cubit” is 1.5 feet.  The ark which Noah built was 300 cubits long (Genesis 6:15).  Do you mean to tell me that some women had children who were as tall as the ark was long?

My response: We need to understand that women were giving birth to what appeared to be normal children, but because of the mutation in their DNA, these children grew up to be of enormous status.

(Keep also in mind that the cubit measurement pre-flood and post flood has also changed) – Nevertheless, these were enormous gigantic creatures.

Having said that, we need to understand that God is bigger than the universe in which he created, so it makes perfectly sense that his original sons, (these angels) were of enormous height as well.

The bible tells us that these angels can take any form including the form of a man. So I would not be surprised if they appeared as regular men to the women they co-mingled themselves with, and end up having giants as offspring, because that’s part of their DNA.

How these angels appeared to be, does not have anything to do with their DNA markings; thus they passed their gigantic status to their offsprings.

So if Enoch tells us that these giants were 450 feet in height that would definitely qualify it to be called a giant. 9-12 feet tall is just that, tall.

 So it’s very possible that during the pre-flood era God had to destroy everything contaminated with these giants in order to preserve not only the earth, but mankind.

Now, having hybrids of 450 feet in height can definitely explain the ancient pyramids, which one block alone has an average weight of 2.5 tons.

A few individuals of this status wouldn’t have had any problems building something like the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, or any of the gigantic statues found in eastern island. Now, since the bible tell us that there were giants also after the flood, we need to ask ourselves why in the book of Joshua, the people described themselves as grasshoppers in comparison to the giants?

If these giants would have been as tall as Enoch described them to be, I would say that, that would definitely make a normal human look like a grass hopper in comparison.

 I will also like to add, that Enoch mentions these giants sinning against the animals. We know in the bible that God ordered everything after its own kind, but in the book of Enoch we learn something that men is currently doing in our time, which is the splicing of different species.

Since Enoch explains that these giants were doing these things back then; that could definitely explain the existence of the dinosaurs which were also gigantic creatures.

The bible tells us that God had to destroy even the animals, but we also see that he preserved certain animals. I then submit that God only preserved his creation, & killed the dinosaurs with the flood as science now confirms.

Jesus then warns us that conditions prior to his return will resemble to those during Noah’s times. We can see that with the age of DNA manipulation & secret underground DNA black projects, Jesus assumed that we would know the things spoken in the book of Enoch, in order to discern the times.

The writer of who wrote the anti Enoch article also states that a horse cannot interbreed with a fish. That’s an excellent observation! However, men knowledgeable in DNA splicing can interbreed them, creating monsters.

This same knowledge, the fallen angels had in order to mingle themselves with the seed of men. The knowledge was then passed to their offspring the giants, and they continue their wickedness interbreeding animals, resulting in what we came to know as mythological creatures.

 If we are led to believe as the writer of want us to believe, that would leave us with more questions than answers. But if we applied the bible with what Enoch tells us, then that answers a lot of question concerning things that the world just classifies as mysteries or mythology.

Usually the people who are anti Enoch, they all happened to belong to a 501c3 church organization, which are nothing more than corporations of the government, meaning “state controlled churches” & this is where they get their limited knowledge from.

State controlled churches have a government agenda, and they want to control what you believe & what they don’t want you to believe.

Although a lot of state churches speak a lot of truth, we need to understand that poison is composed of 99% nutritional value and just 1% toxic. We all know that the 1% is the one responsible for doing the killing found in the poison.

That’s why Jesus said that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

This is why I don’t trust 501c3 state churches who sold the flock of Jesus in exchange of tax write offs, & who also trade it the headship of Jesus, for that of the state.

I am saying this because #1 is the truth, and because I see a lot of people who go by whatever these 501c3 pastors say, and they pass it as truth.

The bible tells us that it would be the Holy Spirit who will guide us & teach us all things. If we let 501c3 government agents teach us instead, they will lead us astray.

Either on purpose, or out of ignorance, but astray we will go nevertheless if we listen to these people who have sold out for a few bucks in their income tax return.

Having said all that, some may argue. If God wanted the book of Enoch in the bible it would have been in the bible.

The fact is that it used to be part of the bible and God did use wicked evil people to remove it from it, doing his will & fulfilling prophesy, because after all Enoch prophesied that the book was intended for a future, far, & distant generation. So God himself hid the book until the appointed time. We can see God doing the same thing in the book of Daniel, when he asks Daniel through an angel to seal certain things until the time of the end. Daniel 12:9

This is my defense for the Book of Enoch and everything around us makes more sense with it, than without it because it fills the gaps that the bible leave us with.

It’s like a piece of a puzzle was taken out from the bible, and when you put it back, suddenly it all makes sense.

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65 Responses to “Re: The Book of Enoch Exposed: (The Defense)”

  1. Tari Daniel Gregory Says:

    Your words are very much Truth. I have been drawn by te Holy Spirit to the book of Enoch and have had many questions of stories in the bible that lead to the answers found in Enoch.
    But the picture of Billy Graham and all the nonsense symbols around him are just not right. For again, the book of Encoch has been sealed for a time and I feel as a people called unto the Lord to know the mysteries, it is not our place to demoralize other pastors like Billy Graham, for being blinded by some of the Truth or not knowing. It just discredits your page with symbols like that around him. God places people in positions for reasons and is in control of all. Just thought I would share, for the posting does or can cause confusion people who are seeking Truth, for God is love and he has done many wonderful things for the KIngdom of God, even it doesn’t look as wonderous to us. There is a place in our hearts that should seek to know Lords heart of character of His Father and it is LOVE.

    • david1057 Says:

      Dear Tari Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment. I urge you to pray the same way you prayed about the book of Enoch, pray about the false teachings of Billy Graham. Research these things out, there’s a lot of information already out there concerning Billy Graham and most of it has been pointed out in our documentary that we have made available through our ministry. What you saw, was a promotional cover for the documentary we have available on Billy Graham, which is backed up with his own words, and biblical references that contradict his teachings & doctrine.
      We are biblical called to exposed the unfruitful works of darkness and to expose and mark those who teach contrary to the doctrine we have received in Scripture.
      I therefore urge you to prayerfully seek these things out, and check the evidence that has been produced by his own ministry presented in our video documentary.
      God Bless you!!!

      David M.

  2. bchaplin88 Says:

    I enjoyed the post and I agree on everything apart from the giants being 400 foot tall. I don’t imagine David slinging a rock 400 feet into the air to kill Goliath. Call it human rationalization, but it doesn’t seem likely.

    I once heard a rumor – never a good way to research – that many believe the Early Church considered half the book inspired and the other half tampered with. Probably a lie, but perhaps they too used flawed human logic to conclude that 400 foot giants weren’t a possibility!

    God bless,

    Ben @

    • david1057 Says:

      You are confusing the giants of the pre Old Testament era, with the ones of the Old Testament. I believe these giants shrank in size as they continued to interbreed with normal humans. That’s why I don’t think either that Goliath was 400 feet tall or anything close to that, but I do think that the first breed of fallen angel hybrids were a big as Enoch described them to be.

      Enoch1 was found with the dead sea scrolls along other books of the bible, & I don’t think these texts were tampered with. I believe they are as they found them to be. The book of Enoch reaffirms too much all the book of the bible before they were even written, & that’s impossible to tamper with, having these texts date before the Old Testament era.

      Having said that, I do believe that there are other false versions of the book of Enoch dealing with mysticism and kabbalism that are not authentic Enoch writings.

      • bchaplin88 Says:

        Ahh, that’s correct I did make that mistake. Oh well, my brain can’t accept that – probably because I’m finite.

        Thanks for your articles, I’m working my way through you blog now, so you’ll probably see more comments from me soon.

        In Christ,


  3. Melanie Elie Says:

    First let me admit it is late and I have not read all, but I have some questions that are bugging me. I believe the main content of the article is true and same as revealed to me from above, but what does the fallen angel story mean in regards to the spiritual meaning:
    Are there people today that have the Nephilim Gen and are these so “bad” that they can not be saved?
    Does salvation only stand for salvation from sin? Or does it refer somehow to saving from nephilim or from their offspring?
    Does Jahushuas comment about the bad an good seed, bad tree not bringing good fruit etc really refer to the nephilim seed?
    Does Gods command of killing certain tribes mean that they were offspring of nephilim and therefor needed to be wipped out?
    What would that mean for today?
    I also re-think the question of pre-destination which some christians believe that we are choosen from the start. I kind of can’t agree with the thought…but there are some confusing comments in the bible and maybe it refers to nephilim offspring or human with sin but saved = choosen? I don’t know…
    The danger is that the meaning of sin gets pushed back and it’s all the fault of those bad angels….which of course is finishing any chance of salvation….
    Did the Nephilim just make babies with human women because of avoiding Jahushua to be born as a true human decedent from his mothers side?
    I think it’s good to know about the Nephilim because of the Alien deception that is taking place, and also for the confirmation of the days of Noah, but the above questions are still puzzling me. If anyone has time to help that would be greatly appreciated. God bless

    • david1057 Says:

      The people who have the Nephelim gene or have their DNA altered, are people who can’t be saved.
      Let me explain. The people in high places running the world, those are of the seed of Satan, very probable of the Nephelim gene. Other people’s DNA are changed through vaccines, genetically modified foods ect.

      But those very people who have their genes changed are the very people who hate God and refused his Son, before any change in their DNA took place. For this reason many will end up unprotected enabling Satan to finalized his ownership of these people.

      Jesus came to die for humans, not fallen angels, not demons, & certainly not hybrids.
      But those who belief God & walk with God have nothing to fear. Their DNA can’t be changed because the bible promises that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.

      Jesus also said, that we would drink poison and nothing by any means shall hurt us. Of course Jesus never meant that we would purposely drink or consume poison, but he knew ahead of time the plan of the enemy.

      Almost all things for our consumption are poisoned, specially the water we drink. That’s why we need to sanctify our food, prayed over it, and God will cleanse it.

      And yes, a bad tree cannot bring forward good fruit could also be applied to hybrid DNA.

      And yes, God predestinate us because it says so in the bible. He also told Jeremiah that before he was in his mother’s womb, he knew him. The same applies to all of us.

      The reason that he knows is because he’s God, he knows the beginning & the end. He knows who will accept him, who will deny him, & who will reject him.

      Don’t let that bother you, he is God, we’re not!

      And yes, Satan’s plan was to block the birth of a PERFECT Jesus by contaminating the human race in order for Jesus to be born of a hybrid destroying his plans to redeem the World. But as you already know, God destroyed all the hybrids and preserve his perfect DNA, bringing forward His perfect Son.
      After that, more angels fell once again under the instructions of Satan in order to continue his plans.

      Now Satan’s plans are to corrupt once again all human DNA in order for Jesus not to have anyone left to come back for.

      But once again, the book already has been written and God is the one who will have the last laugh!

  4. Lyn Leahz Says:

    I have the book of Enoch, and I watch Gary Stearman all the time. Good stuff! It has given us much information on the Nephilim, who have everything to do with the Illuminati. If you haven’t read it, get these books: The Nephilim Agenda and The Nephilim Resurgence, by Randy DeMain. I have them at the bottom widget area on my news website, vine of life, if you want to check them out. God bless! Also, i clicked on the follow at the top of the screen..but couldn’t find a follow widget in your sidebar…sometimes the one at the top doesn’t always I hope I get your post updates! God bless.

  5. Abel Quoi Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. but i still dont understand one thing.

    Enoch Chapter 25: 3-5
    “know about everything, but especially about this tree.’ And he answered saying: ‘This high mountain which
    thou hast seen, whose summit is like the throne of God, is His throne, where the Holy Great One, the Lord of
    Glory, the Eternal King, will sit, when He shall come down to visit
    the earth with goodness. And as for this fragrant tree no mortal is permitted to touch it till the great
    judgement, when He shall take vengeance on all and bring (everything) to its consummation
    for ever”

    The scriptures say nothing about God commin for a visit to judge us…..pleas explain.

    • david1057 Says:

      I’ll be glad to.
      The Mountain explained on the book of Enoch coincides with Revelation 21:1-4 & Revelation 3:12 (The new Jerusalem coming down from heaven).
      The part of “He shall take vengeance on all and bring (everything) to its consummation
      for ever” coincides with 2 Peter 3:12 (Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?).

      I hope I have answered your question.

      God Bless!!!

  6. bchaplin88 Says:

    Hey man, do you mind deleting all of my comments on this post?

    • david1057 Says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with your comments. Therefore what is written stays written.

      • benchaplin Says:

        Sigh, what ever happened to love?

      • david1057 Says:

        What love has to do with it?
        And can you tell me what is it about your comments that’s been bothering you?

      • benchaplin Says:

        Is it loving to deny a brother a simple request?

        This screen name is now linked to a work account and, while I am willing to stand for God’s Gospel of grace, I do not want prospective employers seeing these comments.

        I also do not agree that 150ft giants existed and I do not want to lend support to a post that promotes John Todd (who preached an obedience-to-the-law version of salvation, which is heresy).

  7. david1057 Says:

    Is it unloving if a father denies his son a simple request?
    Re: Luke 22:42 …Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me… (Jesus request denied)
    Then why would it be unloving if a brother also denies a simple request. In this life we all don’t see eye to eye, in the same manner that we don’t always get what we want.
    Concerning the giants, you need to do your own independent research from different sources in order to come out to the same conclusion as mine which agrees with Enoch1 texts.
    Concerning John Todd he did not preached “obedience to the law for salvation” as the Old Testament Law, but he did preach obedience to Christ who is the law of the New Testament.
    If we are to be called Children’s of God, then we must obey him, not to be saved, but obey him as a fruit of being saved.
    A child who does not obey his parents is not a good child of his parents. So don’t get the fact that we are saved by grace confused with a free ticket to sin. Salvation comes by grace & the fruits of that salvation should gracefully follow; for by their fruits ye shall know them.
    You need to get off the 501c3 state control church & stop hearing all those who are part of it because teaching you the truth is not on their best interest.

    • benchaplin Says:

      How about “Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again”

      • david1057 Says:

        That verse does not apply to everything. That verse applies to the contexts in which was written for. For example,
        If someone ask you to leave your wife/husband are you therefore bound by Luke 6:30?
        How about when the time comes when you’ll be asked to deny Jesus, are you going to deny him under the pretext of Luke 6:30?

      • benchaplin Says:

        I’m not entirely sure how you can compare denying the Lord as being the same as rejecting a simple request to delete comments to help a brother gain employment.

        And, for doctrinal sake, denying the Lord would not affect my salvation status one iota. It would certainly make Him ashamed of me and I’d avoid doing so out of my love for Him, but my salvation is based on His righteousness, not my merit.

  8. david1057 Says:

    “I’m not entirely sure how you can compare denying the Lord as being the same as rejecting a simple request”…

    All you need to do is re-read my response which is self explanatory.
    We are not bound to give everyone who asks, because that would mean submitting to whosoever asks of you anything including denying Jesus.

    “And, for doctrinal sake, denying the Lord would not affect my salvation status…”

    You’re wrong brother. Jesus said: …whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. (Mathew 10:33 KJV) – I don’t see how Jesus denying you would not affect your salvation.

    I see that you clearly have doctrinal issues in which is the main reason you are afraid you won’t gain employment.

    Second reason, you’re ashamed of Jesus.
    Third reason, you don’t trust God for your provisions.

    Now, you can deny it all you want, but we are told in the Scriptures that by their fruits you shall know them. I just wanted you to see that.

  9. Joseph Baker Davis Says:

    The tallest giant I could conceive would be 8 or 9 feet tall.

    I guess you just know the holy word when you read it. As my mentor told me, some things you just spit out the bones.

    Anyway we are finding tons of mammals with dino skeletons. Evolution scientists are not able to make bacteria change into anything except bacteria. They are furiously trying and manipulating lifeforms into monsters, and some of them think that’s funny. All their missing links are based on bone fragments, I call them cruddy buddies. I wish they would just be happy being human beings. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Ultimately 100 years ago there was no UN.

    be my friend on facebook, and to get an in depth look at paleontology visit

    • david1057 Says:

      Thanks for your comment but 8 & 9 feet tall people would not be considered giants but tall people. We have many of them in the NBA.
      The book of Joshua described themselves as grasshoppers in comparison to the giants.
      That would certainly explain the pyramids & other impossible human tasks that remain impossible with even today’s technology.

  10. srivastavsanjay Says:

    The more I read, more confused I get. Every author has his strong point.

  11. Tony Rhymez Says:

    @David1057 I understand clearly where your coming from…and I too agree the book of enoch is like a missing puzzle and it explains a lot of unexplained things in this world…like dinosaurs and so on….. Its understandable why the book was left out of the bible as well!! But I agree that the Bible does without a doubt references the Book of Enoch… enoch was taken to heaven directly by God without death, because God was so pleased with him obviously this guy was righteous! Just that alone is enough to believe everything written by Enoch

  12. Brandon Lee Says:

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. Your obedience has not gone unnoticed. The book of Hanoch (Enoch) is absolutely True Scripture! It does fill in the gaps and if people will just take the time they are usuing to talk bad about it and just read it themselves than they would know as well that is True Scripture. Once again thank you, we need more “Soldiers” like you in the world! Keep fighting the good fight! :)

  13. Demetrix Aviles Says:

    I just love your work here man.. is well explained and some how detailed it. I just wanna tell you that you are totally right on saying that this “giants”.. which means “Earth born”(spiritually dead) beings are still around us all the way. All of this has to do with the parable of the “fig tree”. Matt 24:15;32.

  14. Kymberli Williams Says:

    Short and simple, God led me to the book of Enoch when I asked him about Aliens… and THIS is what the Spirit showed me. I can go into all the “coincidences” that got me here… but as a ‘spirit led believer’ YOU KNOW how that works.
    Anyway… I am being shown the exact same thing about the “churches” and all.
    I ALSO believe the illuminati theories are very true and these ‘aliens’ are their leaders. (so far)
    I feel like I found my true “church” siblings!!! WOW and WOW… So happy to have come across this as all my studies I felt were of a lonely nature. (so far) Obviously, I was looking for SOMEONE who was getting this, that is how I found you.


  15. Marie-Dominique De Lyon-Thierry Says:

    Hi…I have just got a hold of the Book of Enoch and was wondering about the part where he talks about rain, when clearly, there was no rain before the Flood.

    Here is the passage (the last 5 words):-

    “Chapter 2

    1 Observe ye everything that takes place in the heaven, how they do not change their orbits, and the luminaries which are in the heaven, how they all rise and set in order each in its season, and
    2 transgress not against their appointed order. Behold ye the earth, and give heed to the things which take place upon it from first to last, how steadfast they are, how none of the things upon earth
    3 change, but all the works of God appear to you. Behold the summer and the winter, how the whole earth is filled with water, and clouds and dew and rain lie upon it.”

    Trying to make sense of it….

    • david1057 Says:

      That’s a great question Marie,
      I would answer it like this….
      How is it that Enoch alluded to Jesus before Jesus was even born?

      The same way, the Book of Enoch explains at the very beginning that the book was intended to be for a future far away generation. This means that Enoch was revealed about secret things concerning nature as well as future events like the coming of the Messiah and the tribulation period.
      So when Enoch talked about rain, he was not talking to the pre-flood generation who didn’t know anything about rain, he was in fact talking to the post-flood generation having been given to him secret knowledge by God.

  16. James Payne Says:

    For those who have eyes to see

  17. Joseph Michael Ruiz Says:

    please do not think of this comment as a division in our both believed faith in jesus christ our lord. we are surely in the same body. in gen. 9:18-10:32 noah curses canaan which is who enoch came out of. his scripture is corrupted because of this curse the holy bible clearly states. enoch was a righteous man but bond by his fathers curse. john states in the revelation in the end times that even the elect would be deceived. the book of enoch may be useful but i doubt it.

    • david1057 Says:

      Please check your sources and historic facts. Enoch was Noah’s great, great, great grandfather. The Enoch you’re referring to its not Enoch the scribe.
      Enoch the scribe pre-dates all the books of the Old Testament.
      And John and the book of Revelation does not state anything about the elect being deceived. That’s Jesus statement in Matthew 24:24 in which he states that if possible the very elect could be deceived. The key word here is “if possible”, that implies that it won’t be possible to deceive God’s elect.

  18. Manny Esprit Says:

    I agree that the book of Enoch is authentic,but I can’t quite work out
    what happened after the flood; how was the race of the Nephilim able to continue seeing that the watchers had been bound and their offspring drowned. Are they still producing and if so how, and why were they not destroyed in order to keep Noah’s offspring pure?.

    • david1057 Says:

      They did it as they are doing it today. A new breed of fallen angels are abducting women and mixing their DNA with humans.
      these fallen angels are disguised as “aliens”, but we got their number. As it was, so it is and there is nothing new under the sun.

    • jecspm04 Says:

      Genetics, the angels who do such are bound for it.

      It says nimrod became a mighty gibborim, he somehow became one not that he was one.

      giants: sons of the gods by van dorn is very well researched. He stays on the conservative side so the mainstream churches don’t just ignore him, but he can back everything up with sources.

  19. rob smith Says:

    a very nice and correct interpretation of where the book of enoch is today,it lays out the spiritual game plan of the great deceiver of mankind,lucifer, the one who rebelled against the most high and his son.lucifer wants to attain the status of god hood and since he cannot get the loyal angels to follow ,he went after the next best thing,god`s new creation man,as we were still very unaware that lucifer and his agent satan were trying to lead us away from the most high,we were vunerable and gullible to his wiles and deception,but still we disobeyed god and ate of the tree(original sin)and since then the die has been cast and the spiritual battle for man`s soul has been loosed upon us.the book of enoch is a supplementary guide written to confirm the bible and the most highs game plan ,as much as humans are allowed to does in no way contradict the gospels and old testament and is just a different angle of the same story, but adding the left out clues,so read it for what it is,a known prophetic text that warns us of the dangers of forbidden knowledge and angel tech that was meant for the end times generation,which i think is us.god bless us all and forgive us for our trivial iniquity`s toward each other…peace to all that seek him

  20. abbi1987 Says:

    I havent yet read the full article but I just wanted to say I have read loads of bad comments about the book of enoch and I just wanted to share my comment.
    This time last year I didnt believe in Jesus Christ and my faith in God was at an all time low. I lost faith in the bible because I lost faith in the Catholic church. Im not Catholic and have never been baptised into a religion as my father wanted me to choose my own path. I felt lost and didnt know what to believe in. Humanity is a joke and I just couldnt except there was something there looking after us. One thing I did believe in though was spirits and energies. After reading article on the language of light I found a link to the book of enoch. Im so happy I read it, I now love God and I love Jesus. I feel bad for ever denying them and its all through reading the book of enoch. I honestly believe that everything has truth to it because as ive done more research everything ties together just perfectly. I now understand my beliefs and am begining to understand what I believe is apart of our “amnesia” stage. Somewhere we lost our heritage and only know whats left through reading the bible which I believe isnt 100% accurate…. how could it be? We are only just really able to translate properly so its strange how anyone could translate anything perfectly over a millenia ago? It was wrong to leave all the other testaments out of the bible because they fill the gaps in. I just cant sit and swallow whats being said to me and I do research a hell of alot. Theres many things that blew my mind away with the book of enoch but it opened my mind and heart to God again. Im happier than ever thanks to Enoch!!!

    • david1057 Says:

      If you believe the bible its not 100% accurate then in what kind of God do you believe in who cannot look after his own Word?
      The truth is that everything that is found in a legitimate bible like the KJV for the English speaking world, its true and accurate.

      Having said that, do be aware of illegitimate false bibles put out there by the NWO and occultist alike, omitting verses and adding verses to conform to the coming of the antichrist and the NWO agenda.

      • jecspm04 Says:

        The KJV was put together by free masons, King James was part of the Scotish Ryte, And Francis Bacon was the final editor of the AV.

        But God preserves his Word regardless of satan’s attempts.

        We have our children read the KJV, NKJV and the WEB.

        I like the notes that show where the Majority Text and the NU differ in the NKJV. I prefer the majority texts over all of them, given that the latin vulgate was used to fill the gaps in the textus receptus. And I do not trust the latin vulgate.

        I like the WEB because it uses the word for word style of translation and textual criticism like th ASV and KJV, but the new testament is completely from the majority text not the NU. It also uses God’s covenant name instead of LORD, to me that makes the OT clearer to read. w

        I believe God’s Word as given was inerrant. And we must rely on his Holy Spirit to reveal the truths in these translations and versions. The bible does not save you, hearing of the Word and faith unto salvation. But we must have sound doctrine.

      • david1057 Says:

        Oh, don’t get me going on the “KJV was put together by freemasons.”
        That only shows that people who believe this are not real researchers but rather rely on other people’s false allegations.
        The truth is that the world was a better place when all churches used the KJV prior to all the perverted bible versions that came after it.
        Fact: There have been more revivals under the KJV than any other bible and more demonic revivals under all of the newer bible versions.
        Fact: Newer bible versions are missing 10 percent of the text found in the KJV.
        Fact: The KJV comes from the line of text called the Maseronic Texts & Textus Receptus, that is the Old & New Testament as recorded by the Hebrew people generation to generation.
        Fact: All newer bible versions come from a different line of edited text called the codex vaticanus and codex sinaticus which are edited texts from the real line of text which are the Maseronic Texts & Textus Receptus.
        Fact: The newer bibles are printed and produced by the same people who print and produce the satanic bible.
        Fact: No other bible has ever been endorsed by any King. The Bible says that there is power where the word of the king is (Ecclesiastes 8:4 KJV)
        Fact: Ever since the churches have traded their KJV for newer bibles the churches have grown weak and the world has gotten worse.
        I could go on and on, but I don’t want to confuse anyone with the facts.


  21. Clark Kent Says:

    Your article makes very strong points. However, I read a certain article arguing against the book of Enoch. There is one point that stands out for me & I would like to hear your take on this one. The point is presented as follows:

    D. Does it match the Bible?
    1. Deuteronomy 13:1-3 – God’s messages are always consistent.
    2. Time line wrong
    a. Using Genesis 5, we know that Enoch was born about 622 years after the creation. He lived 365 years before God took him – Genesis 5:23-24
    b. Enoch 107:2-3 (Enoch speaking to Methuselah): “’And now, my son, go and announce to thy son Lamech, that this son who is born is really his, and that this is not a falsehood.’ And when Methuselah had heard the words of his father Enoch — for he had shown him everything that was secret — he returned, after his having seen him, and called the name of that son Noah, for he will make glad the earth for all destruction.”
    c. Noah was born about 1056 years after the creation, 69 years after Enoch left the earth!
    d. According to the Bible, this event could not have happened!


    • david1057 Says:

      Excellent question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      A little bit of the background story:

      The Book of Enoch seems to provide an answer. Lamech, is fearful that his son “Noah” who was born with angelic attributes was the result of his wife uniting with one of the watchers or fallen angels.

      Fearful of this predicament, he consults with his father Methuselah, who, unable to alleviate the situation, embarks upon a journey to find his own father Enoch, who was “taken” from the world and now lives among the angels’. (Enoch 106:8)

      After Methuselah has tracked him down in a place (referred to in Genesis Apocryphon as ‘Parwain’ or Paradise) and conveying the fears of his son Lamech, the ever-righteous Enoch throws light on the situation when he states:

      “go and announce to thy son Lamech, that this son who is born is really his, and that this is not a falsehood.’ And when Methuselah had heard the words of his father Enoch — for he had shown him everything that was secret — he returned, after his having seen him, and called the name of that son Noah, for he will make glad the earth for all destruction.”

      So the key here was finding out where God took Enoch before Enoch completely disappeared from the face of the earth.
      According to the book of Enoch on chapter 106: verse 8, Enoch states that he was taken & was at “the ends of the earth” when Methuselah was inquiring of him.
      It also appears in accordance to chapter 106 verse 8 that Methuselah was yelling out of the top of his lungs inquiring of his father and God allowed Enoch to appear to him to respond to his concerns.
      Enoch speaking:
      Enoch 106:8 When Methuselah heard the words of his son, he came to us at the ends of the earth; for he had heard that I was there. He cried aloud, and I heard his voice and came to him; and I said to him, “Behold, my son, here I am, why have you come here?”

      So I submit to you, that Enoch was first taken to paradise at the “end of the earth” –where ever that was or is, before he was finally taken to heaven.

      According to the bible, all saved individuals prior Jesus birth were taken to paradise then heaven after Jesus’ death & resurrection.
      So biblically speaking Enoch could not have been taken straight to heaven prior to Jesus’ death & resurrection.

  22. Ommy Malk Says:

    The book of Enoch will always be a controversial subject. However it is there for a reason and covered up by the false new age teachers of today i.e. Billy Graham. I was brought up in the Assemblies of God church and went to many billy graham conventions as a child and KNEW there was something not quite right about any of it. I’ve been researching the new age, new world order, illuminati etc. for years now and, even with all the criticism of the Book of Enoch, I personally believe God has allowed this to be available to all humans to explain to us mere mortals that all these massive structures, as per your article, nephilim and messing with DNA is explained pretty simply and does definitely coincide with the Holy Bible.
    One question – why was this never included in the Bible – I know we should not question God but if it HAD been included in the Bible there would not be all this controversy and it would be much clearer as far as ‘peace of mind’ goes that is IS genuine and so much more of what goes on in these days and of course the past would make so much more sense???
    Thanks for your blogs, God bless you all.

    • david1057 Says:

      Thanks for your comment and question.

      I personally believe that God allowed it to be hidden for a specific time and purpose. After all the book of Enoch starts off by explaining that the book its meant for a far away generation, meaning our generation.
      There’s some things God hides until the proper time like in the Book of Daniel where the angel tells Daniel to seal certain prophecies until the appointed time.
      We may not understand it, but God is far greater that we can comprehend and he knows that this information would have been too great for us to handle haven’t been the right time to reveal it.
      I remember when God first woke me up to this reality and how I was freaking out being able to see evil everywhere and how it has been structured and worked into our everyday lives. There will be some that would wake up too late and their hearts will fail them due to their rude awakening into this reality.

  23. fourspells Says:

    Coming to terms with living in the last days has been quite a journey. A part of the process was the realization practically everything I’d been taught has been a lie. Was it intentional at every instance? God only knows. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find the Book of Enoch is indeed legitimate. If Enoch has been reserved for the end time generation, we are it! God did it with the Book of Daniel and Revelation makes more sense to me vs ten years ago. Chapters 17 and 18 in particular have startling implications. (I urge everyone to study it in depth…because it’s a biggie…your life depends on understanding it… Matthew 24)

    As I pray for God’s discernment and understanding, the only comfort is Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would teach us of things to come. So I trust in His promises for His provision with the book of Enoch. I will surely search this out and I thank you for your diligence.

    With that being said, I have another direction on the topic of DNA. ..What say you about the “Jews” in Israel who genetically aren’t kindred to Judah or Israel by proof of a blood tie?

    I’ve recently discovered those residing in Israel are Khazars. (this is according to genetic research at John’s Hopkins….and other establishments)
    As history unfolds it appears they are descendants of an ancient empire. They’re literally from a nation of people who converted to the “religion” of Judaism about 1300 years ago.

    Please tell me if you think otherwise. But practicing the religion of a people doesn’t place you in the blood line of that people. My head is reeling with this information and the DNA is proof!
    All along, I believed these people were God’s chosen and now I’m not convinced of it anymore. So many lies, lies and lies!!! And it appears to be deliberate.

    This is quite relevant as it pertains to the end times generation where deception and deceivers are crawling everywhere. If these people are Khazars and not Jews then it sheds new light on Rev 2:9 and 3:9, while also filling in more pieces to a puzzle. Jesus told his church there are some saying they’re Jews, but they do lie. That they’re actually from the synagogue of Satan! When I look at today’s professing Jews, the George Soros’s, the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s of this world, it stood out. These people don’t fit the accursed, persecuted nation God said they would be as He gathered them home. And the supposed “1948 Israel born in a day” doesn’t seem to apply any longer. I think this is another deception. Surely Isaiah 66 won’t be fulfilled by the League of Nations. It appears to me that once again scripture’s taken out of context. The gathering mentioned in Isaiah hasn’t happened yet. But Christ will do this when He returns.
    So again, where are the Children of Israel if these people are not??

    It’s no secret the Children of Israel were a hard headed cast of characters. And yet the apostle Paul writes they are blinded for a season, but that God hasn’t cast them out entirely. Israel is still God’s chosen people. And a day is coming when He’ll gather them again unto himself. God says He’ll gather them from all over the world…from even the islands of the seas….but this is after the times of the Gentile is fulfilled.

    Please…. Consider this in honesty and with a pure heart.

    If the Children of Israel were blinded, and those saying they are Jews are really not Jews….then the true children of Israel are still out there somewhere in this world. The question is where??

    Because of rebellion we know they are a scattered nation. This is a typical, biblical pattern in how God dealt with a “stiff necked” people in times past. Idolatry and rejection of the Most High always landed them in captivity in strange lands. Wherever they are they’re under the rule of their enemies. Where ever they are it’s in a place that is not their own.
    Because of their rejection of the Holy One of Israel they will go on to serving idols…gods made of wood and stone. The true Jews, because they’ve broken God’s covenant, will be borrowing and not lending to anyone. Every other nation will advance ahead of them. They’ll be living accursed in the cities and afraid for their lives existing day to day. Poverty and pestilence will be their constant companion. The women of Israel will share one man with seven women, just to have his name. The children of Israel, because of rebellion, God said, would be a byword, a joke and a hissing to the nations of the world. Therefore, they would NOT be running big industry or the media, owning banks, or be the players shaping world politics from behind the scenes. For a certainty they wouldn’t own Hollywood…but maybe sitting on the sidelines, begging to get in on it???

    In a nutshell, the Children of Israel would be living in a lowered state because they’re being chastised. Their worship is in lip service only. And they’ll be living under the curses of God and not the blessings of the Most High.

    I’d always heard that the Jews were still looking for their savior. And that this is because many rejected the Holy One of Israel two thousand years ago. Because the love of God is not in their hearts they’d eventually choose anti-Christ as their messiah. Astonishingly, I believe this has already happened…I’m going somewhere with this…but, not quite yet….

    Psalm 83 speaks of a conspiracy. That God’s people will be a forgotten people. That they’d be wiped out and no longer remembered as a nation at all. And as an “African-American” woman, I know this is possible. My race was brought to Egypt by way of ships a total of three times. In the book of Genesis, in the writings of Josephus after 70 a.d., and then again in America. America is spiritual Egypt, spiritual Sodom and spiritual Babylon all rolled into one) Deut. 28:68.
    Deliberately and methodically we were stripped of our names, country of origin and our children scattered( this was promised for disobedience) And while enslaved in spiritual Egypt, we were also told that the so called “white man” introduced us to Christianity.

    Once again, and in light of so many lies and propaganda in America, how can we be sure our real names weren’t already David, Rebecca, and Hezekiah when we set foot on these shores? How is it we sang Christian spirituals, infused them with slave escape routes, and our “master/teachers” didn’t have a clue? Something’s definitely fishy.

    So much darkness and evil in this country I live in. And if what I’m thinking turns out to be true, so many traps for believers when the veil is eventually lifted! What if racism became a snare for some professing Jesus Christ as Lord? What a deception from what we thought we knew! How many gentiles would still serve Christ, knowing the Children of Israel had black skin and weren’t “white”?
    Valid research has found there’s a Lemba tribe in South Africa whose DNA is a match for being of Jewish bloodline. Most of us already know of the Ethiopian Jews who’s DNA proves that they are Jewish as well. There’s yet another tribe in Nigeria as well as Uganda. Fleeing persecution, many Jews fled into Africa centuries ago. Some of these come from a long line of believers in Christ whose families have still honored the Sabbath’s and feasts for many centuries as well.
    I also wonder who started the story that Noah gave birth to three different races. That indeed would a have been some kind of miracle in itself… Shem was Jewish, Ham was black and Japheth, white? How was this possible? Yet I believed it because I was taught it. And out of frustration I settled for answers that made no sense.

    So is it that farfetched that African Americans and other slaves could be Jews as well? I’d say there’s certainly a better chance of us being kinsfolk to people from Uganda than the people from Khazaria now occupying Israel. If the DNA is proving some of these claims to be valid for the tribes in Africa, couldn’t we be too? Apparently, there had to be some reason the powers that be systematically conspired to keep us from knowing who we really are.

    Do doubt it’s sobering and it saddens me to know my people fit the scattered people on account of the curses and not the blessings. For all it means is that our ancestors gravely failed us in the past, which led to our captivity.

    Coupling this knowledge with false flags and war crimes, the United States and current Israel seem a likely pair to perpetuate a fraud on so vast a scale. Adding to that, the people in Palestine have closer blood ties to the Jews than the occupying Khazars do!

    Again, I say it’s not far-fetched. We fit the curses for rebelling against God and those who say they’re Jews don’t carry the DNA to back their entitlement to the land they occupy. (google black Madonna’s in Europe, black Russians etc.) there exist scores of artwork depicting Mary and Jesus with black skin all over Europe. These are artifacts that Babylon USA had no control to manipulate or get rid of.
    The last hurrah before accepting these artifacts at face value is saying the paint which colored the skin tone had a defect which turned it dark. Not the grass or the fruit or cloths, mind you….just the skin…Racism’s snare fast at work.
    Even still, this history of artifacts, paintings and sculptures prove we weren’t always looked upon as servants and the trash of the earth.

    We’re still hard headed, though and I pray we wake up.
    In true stiff necked tradition, the so called African American “Children of God” overwhelmingly voted for Obama whom I believe, is the Son of Perdition. He’s fulfilling scripture on top of scripture. Still many don’t care. Obama as you may already know, is a well-publicized Sodomite and blasphemer of God. It didn’t faze us one bit, however. We still voted him into office thinking he’s our deliverer and Messiah. The president never denies this by the way. He is truly the anointed of our communities even though he lies to us.

    I’m reflecting on a common saying of the children of Israel in the past “The Lord God liveth!” – they used to say. And we say this now……

    “God is good!” The preacher shouts.
    “All the time!” The church responds.
    “And all the time??” The preacher asks?
    “God is good!” The people shout back.
    I can travel from church to church across the country and that’s what we say. And although we say it, few of us act like it. It’s truly lip service.

    Perhaps you can find this worthy to investigate. As time winds down, what we believed as minor differences could in fact be major. It is important to seek God’s truth in every area. There’s a reason this was hidden from us. There’s a reason it’s becoming unveiled. Please understand that it makes no one better than anybody else…it’s the truth that I’m trying to get at.

    Take care and God bless!

  24. Alyise (@alyisefj) Says:

    I thank you for this article and the downloads. I do believe that this information is necessary whether people believe the evidence or not. No on is paying attention to the fact that the “beloved” movies that we watch are riddled with information that comes directly from these avenues. The enemy is using truth to produce and overload us with lies. Like you my husband and I have been called to access these banished writings and pray that clarity will come. We truly believe in Nephilim before even knowing the connection with The Book of Enoch. We have studied and researched findings, such as the one you have pictured, that line up completely with the bible alone. Thank you again for the articles and please continue to allow God to work through you.

  25. Kitty Kat Says:

    Dear blogger,

    You are, perhaps, the first blogger that I have encountered via online that shares the same knowledge as me.

    Keep spreading the awesome truth!



  26. Lazik shira Says:

    Hi David,

    Please help me to understand who wrote the book of enoch. Is it a collection of various books and fragments ? Does it come from oral traditions ? There seems to be suppressed evidence of ancient giants on the earth including in the North America as related by various native American tribes and such as well as newspaper accounts of such giants discovered by people in the 1800’s.

    What I am not clear on as it seems the book of Enoch was written down around 200 BC, but the prophet Enoch lived 4000 BC or some such. There is no larger book in hebrew going back that late or are there fragments ? Was the book the result of a vision of some later person ?

    I understand some of your arguments here which have also occurred to me but how it came to be written and such I do not understand.

    • david1057 Says:

      Greetings Lazik,

      Enoch was the first scribe which means “writer”. God gave him this supernatural ability to make a historical record of what was taking place during those times in which would have an impact in all humanity. Don’t be surprised if fragments of this book date back to 200 BC rather than 4000 BC. You need to understand that just like the bible, the book of Enoch had to be copied through generations in order to be preserved, so if fragments are found pointing to a different time period, its just merely means that its a copy from that time period. Just like the bible, there are no original copies left, all the copies of the bible we have today have been copied from generation to generation by faithful men of God who were given this task.
      Imagine someone in 3012 finding a page of our bible printed in 1965, they would probably also wonder why something that supposed to be ancient dates back to a not so ancient time? Of course we know that the answer is that they found a modern copy of an ancient text.

      Also, we know by historical records that Enoch did not write the entire “Book of Enoch”. About right after chapter 54 of so, the rest of the writings are said to be from Noah (his great, great, great, grandson) -, thus appending it to the Book of Enoch due to its relevance on the subject.

      The reason that the evidence of giants have been suppressed is because it destroys the whole theory of evolution which its been pushed everywhere.
      Satan has his people in high places in this world that control all aspects of society. If they bring this evidence forward, their theory goes out the window and it would validate the accounts on the bible. Since the New World Order is rooted in Darwinism and its antichrist, they can’t have that so they hide the evidence, fight it, and also teach pastors in seminars against the book of Enoch when the bible refers to it as Scripture. This is why a pastor must have a license. The license is a shown permission which indicates that they have been thought “accordingly” and thus are allowed to preach.
      The bible says that the Holy Spirit is our teacher and God is the one who ordain us to preach not governments which are always antichrist.

      I hope, you now understand better what you once did not.
      May God Bless you with more knowledge and wisdom!!!

  27. LOCUST SOLUS Says:

    I also believe the book of Jasher, not the fake one, puts a lot of pieces together as well.

  28. LOCUST SOLUS Says:

    I also wanted to add another idea that the book of Enoch is rejected. It shows the fallen angels wanted to be forgiven by God. This destroys the philosophy of the people that follow the occult. I think most satanists, witches, ect believe that the devil is a hardcore rebel. Enoch shows them trembling in fear of God’s judgment. But to think that Enoch is rejected and the Song of Solomon is accepted is odd. Just thinking.

  29. Tayrus Baligasa Preciado Says:

    Yes the Book of Enoch is right and true ,I blessed with this scripture
    if you really read the Bible and understand deeply then you will know what about this book of Enoch. I will give few example Nahum 1:3 the Lord hath his ways in the whirlwind and in the storm.
    Amos 5:8 it is another prove and it says Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion. Amos 9:6 a lot of building there in heaven right. John 14:1-4 there’s a mansions in heaven. If others will say no the fallen angels is only Lucifer and his angels. Well answer first what Peter says in 2Peter 2:4 and Jude1:6 .

  30. Marie Powning Says:

    I have had The Book of Enoch on my shelf for a few years. I’ve heard from this one and that one that it is false and not of God, nor part of the Bible.

    Evening before last, I read it, couldn’t put it down. It was like reading a much more accurate “Ancient Aliens” except the main character is God. I thought it was amazing and affirmed many scriptures in the Bible I have read. I wanted to research this and validate what I read, and looked up scriptures in the Bible that do mention Enoch.

    I then read the very article that you are addressing and I honestly was in disagreement with almost all of his arguments, well, no, it was all. I respect that everyone can interpret a scripture one way or another.

    Finding the validation I needed I was happy to know that my excitement about this document was affirmed by many, Jew & Gentile.

    I agree with EVERY SINGLE one of your responses. I read that disputing article to my daughter and honestly answered in similar fashion as you did.

    I was ecstatic, honestly, to come upon your perspective, another affirmation.

    I did snicker when I read “did ink and paper cause the fall of the human race” I think he needs to study Genesis again. For what would Adam & Eve need ink and paper for had they not sinned? For what would they need swords, shields, armor had they not sinned? God, the Head of Days (as indicated in the book of Daniel 7:9 in the original Aramaic, Atik Yomin) in His grace and love gave them the every seed-bearing plant, every tree that has fruit. But because of their sin they were cast out of the Garden of Eden (which I am sure they did not need ink or paper) and had to toil for his food til he died. God did not say, Hey you can head over to Canaan, they are building some great new tekky stuff made out of Gold and Silver.

    The Book of Enoch, to me, answers the same questions as how were those civilizations so strong, intelligent, archaeological genius beyond their time? Enoch LXIV. 2 “These are the angels who descended to the earth and revealed what was hidden to the children of men, and seduced the children of men into committing sin.”

    I must admit, I am way to dependent on our current tekky toys and if the grid were to really go down, what would you do. Well, I will have a ham radio license since electromagnetic force is the source for communication on these devices.

    Well, I’m done, kudos again, and thank you for being that voice I needed to affirm how close we are to His Coming. Marie

    • david1057 Says:

      Thank you Marie for your great comment, remain strong in the faith!
      May God Bless You And Your love ones!

      • fourspells Says:

        What is your take on the Son of Perdition being revealed? Most Believers agree it’s Barack Obama. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll leave my own You Tube upload link here called, “The God of America” (456charlie) Current events, Obama’s actions that fulfill scripture, and prophetic utterances from God’s servants by the hundreds are in agreement. At this point, I don’t know what else God can do to wake us up. I pray you take the time to watch IF you don’t already know…. Peace and God Bless!

  31. david1057 Says:

    I don’t believe its Obama. The only reason that he may look like he fits the bill is because his handlers (The Illuminati) are making him look that way. The whole thing about some people calling him “god”, its all part of a psychological operation to wean the people into viewing the real antichrist as god. The real one will come with all lying signs and wonderings;; Obama only came with lying signs. The real one will perform what it would look to people as miracles; Obama can’t even balance the budget.

    • fourspells Says:

      Obama didn’t come to balance the budget. He’s our judgment and he’s here to tear us down from the inside out. Don’t you see what’s happening? America’s in trouble. And as a wicked nation, we’ve got the president we deserve. God has turned this nation over. We’re in a free fall and God is allowing all this to happen. That’s why Obama’s untouchable in all the crimes he commits. They will never impeach him because it’s supernatural. And he’s here for this appointed time. If you viewed the video, you’ll also see Obama won the election two weeks before the vote. He’s our destiny. A part of his destiny is also a wound to the head by the way. This is why the media keeps reporting the FALSE FLAG security breaches at the Whitehouse. We’re being set up and conditioned for that day. So I ask you…do you mean to say the worldwide adoration Obama’s garnered like no other on the planet, people calling him god and the messiah, their singing of songs to him and about him, his open association with Luciferians and masonic false preachers, his flaunting of apocalyptic imagery in our faces, his refusal to acknowledge God, his mocking of God, his undocumented/mysterious birth, the various 666 numbers all over him (his name, former address, alleged birthplace, birthdate, etc.) his name meaning Satan in the bible, his presidential codename meaning rebellion, or rather “lawless one”, his being a supposed descendant of Ham ( who’s a Cushite) like the original Nimrod, the ONE WORLD antichrist type in Genesis, Obama’s fulfillment of scripture on top of scripture to the letter, the militarization of the department of homeland security with drones and massive weaponry under his direction, his hints at attacking Christians, his stripping down the rights of Christian clergy in our armed services, his abominable homosexual agenda which flaunts the sign of the rainbow flag in Gods face, and the dreams and visions of Christians ALL OVER THE WORLD by the hundreds revealing Obama as the Beast is not a sovereign God warning us – but in fact, convenient coincidences?

  32. david1057 Says:

    I see exactly what is happening. And I agree with what you’re saying concerning his wickedness.

    Obama is the nations’ judgement, (Agreed) and so was Bush & Clinton. Having said that, Obama being an antichrist like the others is not the main AntiChrist of Revelation.

    The real antichrist will come performing all kinds of miracles to the point that people will believe he is the second coming of Christ. Obama is a joke and although he did not come to balance the budget, he does not have the capacityy to do it anyway its what I meant.

    The real Antichrist will have an enormous intelligence capacity that at first will look like he will be using it in favor of mankind, Obama does not have that intelligence capacity, he can’t even deliver a speech without a teleprompter.
    So no need to get upset if I don’t agree with you. :)

    • fourspells Says:

      I apologize if I came off upset, but I guess I am. And I pray you ask the Lord to help you discern the subtleties of Satan. By doing so you’ll have a fighting chance, because a warrior has to recognize his enemy. The media plays Obama up as a savior/deliverer for a certain populace in our country. And indeed, his bankrupt healthcare policies, his appeals for free college, loan forgiveness programs, and other budget busting trinkets are giving “HOPE” and “CHANGE” for believing he’s a hero. Then opposing media, like Fox News, play down Obama as buffoon. This lends feelings of superiority to yet another segment of people – but please, beware! Thinking he’s stupid is a huge mistake. For while some of us rest in believing this he’s effectively established himself as dictator through a slew of executive orders. Obama has opened the borders to our enemies (illegal and otherwise). And they will soon leap over our walls and we’ll be overtaken suddenly. (It’s in the bible) Obama’s built an army through Homeland Security that will declare Martial Law in the cities across America. International troops will also help him perform this task. You can look into this…they’re already here. So Obama is no idiot by a long shot. And it’s to our detriment to underestimate the man whom the powers of evil in the highest places saw fit for the Whitehouse at this appointed time. Those Left Behind Movies we looked to aren’t biblical at all. I think they effectively caused most of us to look to the right, when the enemy was right there at our feet. We have an expectation as to where the Beast comes from and what he looks like. But apparently, he’ll be another “black” man like the original Nimrod. As you know, the bible repeats itself through types and foreshadowing. So Jesus asked the question: can any good fruit come from a rotten tree? No it can not. So therefore, Hollywood and its illuminati celebrities are tools to advance the spiritual deception agenda. They are agents of the elite rulers, the Synagogue Satan who put Obama in office. The Luciferians are hard at work, working their plans until the death. But Christians are groping in the darkness because we refuse the light of the Word. We are ignoring every sign that Jesus Christ told us to watch for. The Holy Spirit is flooding the earth with dreams and visions revealing Obama as the man of sin. But that’s brushed aside. For in essence, I see most don’t really believe the Holy Spirit is Truth. Most despise prophesying’s and won’t even test if it be true. On top of that, Obama fulfills scripture to the letter, which still means absolutely nothing to most Believers. Nevertheless, grudgingly, I’m coming to the realization that the church is spiritually dead, and in deep deep trouble at this point in history. Sorry for the rant. But please, take care and God Bless!

      • david1057 Says:

        No problem, we all need more discernment daily as the days get more and more deceiving.
        We need to pray for our nations that God will have extra mercy and delay the more evil & darker days to come.
        God Bless!!!

  33. fourspells Says:

    Exactly. We need God’s mercy in VERY REAL WAY. For the Son of Perdition aka the Beast is also the King of the end times Babylon aka Babylon The Great, aka the United States of America. See Revelation 17, 18, Jeremiah 50, 51, Isaiah 47, Isaiah 13. America is judged… God Bless, you too!

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