The False Anointing

Pastor Joseph Chambers does a biblical analysis of the charismatic movement to see if it aligns with scripture. This analysis is an expose of the Toronto/Pensacola Blessing.


3 Responses to “The False Anointing”

  1. Jon McKeone Says:

    in an age of preaching to itching ears, falling away and false prophets it is a wonder that so few take the time to study and practice discernment to avoid pitfalls such as this.

  2. Lisa Frost Says:

    I have read and listened to some great teachings on The False Anointing that has been in many places, revivals ect. I respect Pastor Andrew Strom’s teachings as he exposed much of this, however, the people or ministry behind THE FALSE ANOINTING, THE TORONTO BLESSING and many other topics [The Truth and light World Press} DO NOT LIST the beliefs of their ministry, nor do “they” make it easy to find any information on any of them! This concerns me, therefore I’m requesting that those ministers behind this program, come forward and at least share your more about your beliefs. God Bless and thank you.

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