Babylon: The Truth Behind False Virgin Birth Religions

A lot of doubts have been placed in true Christianity concerning Jesus & the manner in which he was born.  Critics love to point out to the fact that there are older religions out there that in fact pre-dates the birth of Christ & in which also points out to a figure being born of a virgin, who is part of a triune god.  A lot of ancient religions appear to share this common denominator.

How can this be? (A Christian might ask)

Or (You as a Christian may say), I know there’s something fishy, but I don’t know what it is in order to explain it to the person presenting me this fact.

None believers also like to compare Jesus to Horus, saying that they are one of the same.

(They are not!)

The fact is that 4000 years before the birth of Christ, his birth, death, & resurrection was recorded in the Old Testament by the prophet Isaiah. During this time, the promise of a savior being born out of a virgin was well known among the people.  This means that the promise of the coming of Jesus, now pre-dates Horus and any other false religion out there sharing the Christian similarities in their “deities”.

At the tower of Babel, the people took this knowledge in regard the Savior, and put their own spin to it, adding it to their own religions & false gods. This occurred as they went out & began to form nations, after God confused their language.

More religions were born out of the promise that God had given his people in regard the coming of a Savior fulfilled in Jesus.  The pagans adopted the concept & introduced it to their religions, portraying the coming Jesus as Horus, & other false gods. Today, non believers take a look at these false gods, and mistakenly proclaim that the Jesus of the bible is a fraud, because the similarities spoken here can be found within many pagan cultures.  They fail to realize that the reason for these similarities being found on many pagan cultures & religions is the plain fact of what has been already explained here.

Now, speaking of paganism, this lead us to the Roman Catholic Church, an organization in which is not considered to be Christian, but rather pagan with a Christian veneer in order to fool & mislead the masses.

They carry many pagan icons & images no different that the ones created by ancient pagan civilizations. What the Roman Catholic Church has in fact done, is repackage paganism, giving it an air of Christianity.

History tells us that immediately after the death of Christ, the Roman Empire was seeking to persecute and kill all of the believers of the Lord Jesus Christ. They were unsuccessful in doing so, because this was creating a stronger credibility among the non-believers; as they saw these Christians willingly give their lives for the sake of  their testimonies about Christ. Because of this, Christians continued to multiply with no end to it. This is a total contrast to Islam in which forces conversion under the threat of beheading.

We know as Christians that Satan is in control of this earth, and therefore uses his people to accomplish his evil deeds and desires; whether it would be through direct satanic pacts, sinful behavior, or plain ignorance. A person, who is not under the blood covenant of Jesus Christ, will fall under Satan’s lies, confusions, and ultimately his control.

Having said that, the Roman Empire, frustrated by their fail efforts to make Christianity disappear, was compelled to seek another method of its destruction. (Any one heard of an old proverb, if you can’t beat them join them?)

The plan was to mislead Christianity into practicing paganism and other practices that are detestable to God, while claiming to be following that same God.  Satan understands that a body can be killed, but the soul of a saved person goes to the Lord God, while the soul of a mislead person joins him in hell.

So what a better way to destroy Christianity by nothing more than misleading them into spiritual destruction?

What if Satan can make you think you are saved, while you are desperately lost?

This is how the Roman Catholic Church was born and the purpose of its existence.  Under a Christian veneer they could now operate their agenda. They cannot only mislead the poor, the meek, the God seeking individuals, but now they can also perpetrate all sorts of atrocities, & wickedness, all in the name of “Christianity”. And who will be hated and blamed for all of this? (You guess it, the true Christians.)
Have you ever wonder why would a Catholic Altar resemble altars used in Santeria, which are Satanic?

Because birds of the same feather, flock together. The Illuminati is working strongly within the Catholic Church & even within some protestant churches, so our option as Christians is to seek God directly, & hear from him directly through His Holy Word. No Pope or pastor is required for true salvation, because there is salvation outside any church.


Don’t be deceived, Jesus is the Son of God, & his promise existed way before the manifestation of false religious systems claiming the same attributes of Christianity.

Jesus is truly God the Son, the redeemer of mankind to the honor & glory of God the Father.

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5 Responses to “Babylon: The Truth Behind False Virgin Birth Religions”

  1. Johaness Joszeph Says:

    Shalom Alechem dear brethren,and YHWH beloved in the Lord YHSWH !

    הנומתו םיעמש םתא םירבד לוק שאה ךותמ םכילא הוהי רבדיו:לוק יתלוז םיאר םכני
    Deuteronomy 4:12″Then the YHWH spoke to you from the midst of the fire; you heard the SOUND of WORDS, but you saw no form –only a VOICE.

    Yochanan 4:24″Elohim is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”
    Scripture gave a clear cut description that YHWH Elohim is ONE, IN ONENESS, but with many prophecies !

    May Peace, grace and blessings of YHWH the Most High be always with you, proclaiming the Revival of Repentance in the Name of Yahshua HaMashiach, Messiah of Yisra’El.

    Shalom !

    Thank you so much, for accepting my friendships proposals in Christ YHSWH Ha Machiash our Lord and Saviour, and hope YHWH will bless our encounter, and guide our steps, to always walk together and faithfully, in His guidance, and His inspiration.

    Shalom again, and thanks again in the name of YHSWH our Lord and Saviour, for receiving this message, its contain and its blessings, from so far YHWH’s children living in a community of YHSWH believers, in this part of the world, a world of YHWH always, and also.

    I am Rév. Johaness Dingome Biyick, a messianic Pastor, with a ministry in Cameroon,Africa.

    I am a born-again, fulfilled, Messianic Christian, who believes that the Messiah of Israel is Adonai Yeshua Hamashiakh and, naturally, I am very concerned about anything relating to Israel, judaism, judéo-christianism and messianism,and think also it should be good for all christians to think this way, to return to our hebraic roots, simply, to even better understand the message of the lord Yeshua,and how worshiping in truth and in Spirit, YHWH our God.

    My main reasons of writing to you,dear brethren, are as follow:

    – Partner with your ministry, to help us with teachings on true fellowship to YHWH and
    His son YHSWH, by respect to all the ordonnances, feasts and worship, as established in Israel
    and the Bible, and with no compromise.

    – To send me if possible copies in DVDs or vidéos in USB or strong discs of some hebrew, messianic songs or preaches, live in public or private, messages or images, and about UFOs, Allien conspiracy and anything concerning the planetes.

    – Bibles in Hebrew/ English transliteration, please please please, to help us walk accordingly to YHWH’s wish, according to YHWH’s strict ordonnances and convenience, and with no compromise.

    – Some blue and black lines coloured prayer Shawls for me,my wife and my two children, because the one I had alone and which was serving for all of us, is so old,and getting in pieces.

    – A hand and front teffilins.

    – Stil if possible,an hebrew and Aramean Bible in MP3, for I do not know how to read in those sacred languages, as I would so much like to.

    – Some Israel and Jerusalem flags to put inside and outside the ministry and homes, with any other physical items and DVDs, concerning Israel, the land, the culture, and its peoples.

    – Finally if possible, please send me also a Laptop, with external strong disc possibility, and even a old or second hand one, which can permit me to show the DVDs in the villages, where there is no Internet,as its so almost evrywhere, even in some main towns, here in africa.

    This material is a luxury here again in Africa, that you can’t believe in the west,it is extrordinary to possess one but, where one can have money to afford it!

    Please dear brethren, don’t get angry about my asking you of these items,they can’t be available here in Africa,and I am quite poor to travel to israel actually,to get them.

    Please brethren, if you could do that for me, I shall never ever forget you,nor ever forgetting giving you thanks,for you will never know the better you gonna do to me,by sending that to me, because I have a culture of oeucumenism and intefaith, and am letting it grow in my ministry.

    There is no partcular obligation in getting all the items, the ones you should get for me and for us, will surely be a greatest gift.

    Please unite your ministry into partnership in Christ, with our Messianic ministry and pray for our work to spread the YHWH truth in our Country, and the whole of our continent too,for we are all Torah observant, and encourage all to refer back, in our hebraic roots.

    Please do pray also for our services and our charity home of orphans.

    Here we’ll be all fervently praying for you, your blessed family, your staff your elders and our YHVH group.

    We are prayerfully expecting your kind reply.

    May YHVH bless you all,

    May the light of YHWH our Lord and our God be always infront of your paths,with the love of Yeshua His Holy,and the blessings of the Ruach Hacodesh.

    בעזרת השם Be’ezrat Hashem.

    Yours and in His name,

    Pastor Johaness Dingome Biyick
    The New jerusalem Ministry and Charity Home
    YHSWH Ha Mashiach Tabernacle
    BP 5000 Bonanjo

    Praise YHWH, we give thanks to Him for the gift of salvation He gave us through His Son, Messiah Y’shua.

    May YHWH bless you abundantly, in letting the Holy Language be spoken and sang in Africa too,and may the Lord YHSWH exaust our prayers.

    Love is…the universal thirst for a communion not merely of the senses, but of our whole nature.


    We, as founding members of “The New Jerusalem Ministry”,are an african evangelising mission for a call to all christians in Africa and the world, to unite for a full support,prayers and intercessions for the world in general,and in particular for Israel and its people,according to the Holy Bible and our Lord Yeshua Ha Messiah’s prescriptions.

    We, as founding members of “The New Jerusalem Ministry”,are an african evangelising mission for a call of all christians in Africa and the world to unite for a full support,prayers and intercessions for love,unity and peace between all the peoples on earth for peace and love,according to the Holy Bible and our Lord Yeshua Ha Messiah’s prescriptions on love unlimited.

    We, as founding members of “The New Jerusalem Ministry”,are an african evangelising mission for a call of all christians in Africa and the world to,to do all this,on a full spirit of love,practical and not spoken word love to one another,between us and the poorest of us,in our midst, here,and the others in the rest of the world,also.
    Just as the Lord YHSWH did.

    All our members agree with these facts,and so should all our fellow brothers and sisters in christ and believers in Africa in particular,and the whole world in general,do.

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” believes Yeshua Ha’Natsree (Jesus of Nazareth) was and is the true Messiah, the lion of Judah, the Branch Who will fully reunite all Israel; that he died and rose from the dead and lives at right hand of the Almighty, and according to the ancient Holy Scriptures, Genesis to Revelation, Yeshua is YHVH Elohim appearing in the flesh, as Yeshua demonstrated in Himself
    (Deu 18:18-19; john 8:58; 10:33; Mat 12:6-8; 9:35; 15:31; Isa 11; 53; Micah 5:2-4; Luke 24:46; Isa8:14; John 2:22; Acts 3:15-17; Heb 13:20; 1John 4:2; 2John 1:7; Rev 5:5; John 1:1).

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” believes we are made righteous in Messiah Yeshua (he is the heart of Abraham’s unconditional covenant). The sign of the new covenant is circumcision of the heart, which leads to confession, salvation, faith, grace, and to good works in Messiah. The conditional Mosaic covenant presents the eternal truths of Torah (God’s teaching and instructions) his people, the hearing of which brings about blessing or curses (responds and be blessed, disobey and lack).
    In the new covenant, Yeshua’s Law is to be written on our hearts by the spirit
    (Rom 4:13-16; 10:10; 1 Pet 1:19; 2 Cor 5:21; Gal 3:16, 29; Titus 3:5; Heb 10:38; 1 John 1:9; Eph 2:8; James 2:14; Deu 28; Ezek 36:26; Jer 31:31-33; Heb 10:16; Gal 2:16; John 5:46; 10:30; 14:2; 15:10).

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” is a people whose heart’s desire is to fully reunite the olive tree of Israel both branches Ephraim(which of course includes African christians also) and Judah,into one, redeemed, nation of Israel through Messiah Yeshua.
    The seek to arouse Ephraim from obscurity, and by example, to awaken Judah to the Messiah-and thus to hasten both Yeshua return to Earth and the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel
    (Mat 6:10; 12:25; 21:43; 24:43; Luke 22:29-30; Mark 13:34; Luke 22:29-30; 2 Chr 11:4; Eze 37:15-28; Jer 11:10, 16; 2:18, 21; Rom 11:17,24; Eph 2:11-22; Acts 1:6).

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” deems the Jewish people to the identifiable representatives and offspring of Judah, plus “the children of Israel, his companions,” and that non-Jewish followers of the Messiah from all nations(which of course includes African christians also) have been, up to now, the unidentifiable representatives and offspring of Ephraim, plus” all the house of Israel, his companions”
    (Gen 48:19; Hosea 1-2; 5:3; Eze 37:16; Jer 31:6-9; Gen 15:2-5; 26:3; 28:4; Heb 11:9; Isa 56:3, 6-8; Eph 2:11-22).

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry “affirms that the Jewish people have been kept identifiable as seed of the patriarch of Judah, YHVH’s covenant people, to preserve his holy Torah (Law), Feasts, and seventh day Shabbat (Sabbath); that the salvation of the Jewish people through their acceptance of Messiah Yeshua, will be the crowning act of mankind’s redemption, and is necessary for the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. Further, the father plans that Ephraim (that non-Jewish followers of the Messiah from all nations which of course includes African christians also), they being the “wild olive branch,” stimulate Judah to want what they have; they are called to walk in a way that will make Judah jealous of their relationship with the God of Israel
    Gen 48:19; Isa 11:13; 37:31, 32; Zec 2:12; Ezek 37:15-28; Hosea 1:7; Rom 10:19; 11:11, 14; Mat 23:39).

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” believes the non-Jewish followers of Jeshua are primarily returning Ephraim, those who were once among the Gentiles as “loAmmi/Not a people,” but have been restored to the commonwealth of Israel through their covenant with Israel Messiah, and are no more “Gentiles, “but fulfil the promised restoration of uprooted Ephraim, and Jacob’s prophecy that Ephraim would become “melo hagoyim/fullness of the Gentiles. “As Ephraim, they have been kept in mystery until recently and have been used to preserve the testimony of Yeshua, the Messiah of all Israel .

    Their awakening, recognition, and performance as Ephraim(that non-Jewish followers of the Messiah from all nations which of course includes African christians also), and reunion with Judah, is part of the Divine plan for Israel’s restoration to her Messiah and to the kingdom of YHVH
    Gen 48:19; Hosea 1:9-10; 5:3; 8:8; Amos 9:9; Jer 31:18-19; Zec 10:7; Rom 9:24-26, 11:25-26; Eph 2:11-22).

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” declares that Believes in Yeshua were not meant to replace Judah as Israel, but as “Ephraim ,” the are part of the called out ones (ekklesia), and in these latter-days, the Father is leading them to, whenever Scripturally possible, join with Judah; that Judah (faithful Jewish ones who will receive Messiah) and Ephraim (All faithful non-Jewish Messiah followers) ultimately will fulfil the destiny of the two houses of Israel: that together they might fulfil the prophesies about the one, unified, victorious people of Israel
    (Jer 31:9; Rom 8:29; Col 1:15, 18; 2:12; Heb 12:22-24; Lev 23:2-36; Exo 19:5; 1 Pet 1:1; 2:9; Jer 3:18; 23:6; Zec 8:13; 12:1-5; Mat 25:31-46; Exo 12:48-49; Num 15:15-16; Isa 56:3,6-8)

    ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” maintains that up to this general time “blindness in part” has happened to all (both houses) of Israel, and as the blinders are lifted, non-Jewish followers in Yeshua will gain insight into their role as Ephraim, they will become defenders of Scriptural Torah and Judah, and due to this character change, many Jewish people will accept Yeshua as Messiah.
    This process has already begun as indicated through the Messianic Jewish movement (Judah), the Christian Zionism movement (Ephraim), and the Messianic Israel movement (union of Judah and Ephraim)
    (Isa 8:14; 11:13; Rom 11:25-26; Jer 33:14-16; 31:18-19; Ezek 37:15-28).
    And it’s by this declaration and justification that we are members of the Christian Friends For Israel Ministry in Jerusalem..

    These views are based on the fields of our messianic christian background,and we do not by this,reject the true fact that christianism is part of the Divine elaborated plan,which is composed of many prophecies like the rainbow,(a factor,a sign of union with God),that is many colours from the same one God,but in different expression of Him alone,in unity,peace and love,for in different and many ranks,we are all looking for Him,going to Him,with our many religions,traditions and beliefs.

    The reunion and full restoration of the two houses: this is the hope that the hearts of those of ” The New Jerusalem Ministry ” here in Africa too,and,added to that,concrete acts of love and altruism in the real resemblance and imitation of Jesus-Christ our Lord,by concrete social,humanitarian and love unlimited acts towards one another,in the full acceptance and actions for that.

    We act about love and concern,not only with simple words about love and concern as the world does,but according to what the Lord YHSWH left us as best recommandation.

    Our ministry consisting of Torah obedient believers in Messiah Y’shua , that is teaching believers about Elohim’s (God’s) truth found in His Son Messiah Y’shua and in His Torah, and are walking it out in their lives daily to the best of their ability.

    We have in-depth Torah studies on Shabbat following the Torah service and fellowship meal where we dig into the weekly portions to find His will for our lives as we strive to live Torah obedient lifestyles. This is also a time where we can ask questions about the Messiah Y’shua, the Torah, the Torah obedient lifestyle, or other issues facing us as believers and together find the answers from His Word.

    We believe that the Scriptures were written to help us live better lives that please our Father. The Torah is our instruction manual that shows us how to live righteous lives for Elohim. So Ro’eh Mordechai ben Yisrael (Ro’eh simply means shepherd or pastor and is preferred over the title rabbi) takes the Scriptures and tries to communicate it in a way that is relevant to our daily lives.

    In our services, what is worn should be respectful to HaShem and in keeping with what you would deem appropriate if you were to going to meet an important dignitary, because we are coming into the presence of our Creator and the King of kings. You will see some people wearing traditional tunics and caftans, some dress up, and some dress slightly more casual.

    We keep the Laws of Niddah (Laws of Family Purity) as found in Elohim’s Torah. For a clearer understanding on this subject and for some basic guidelines, please click here to read our position on this issue.

    We believe Torah teaches that men and boys over age 13 should wear a kippah or some other type of covering (hat, beret, etc), and married women should wear headcoverings (scarves, snoods, hats, or other types of headcoverings) to show that both the men and women are under proper authority. (Single women, girls, and boys under 13 need not cover their heads unless they desire). Because of the Torah instructions of YHWH (Adonai, The Lord), we ask that all men and women wear headcovering when attending our services and events. We have headcoverings available for you to use if you do not have one, or forgot yours. (We have kippot for men and scarves for the women). If you forget to wear a headcovering, someone will discreetly remind you so you can comply with Elohim’s instructions.

    We meet on the Sabbath Day (Saturday) .

    We have a time of food and fellowship between our Torah Service and our Scripture studies to refresh ourselves, and get to know one another better. Feel free to bring something with you to eat and share. We try to eat Scripturally kosher foods, and ask that all foods are prepared ahead of time before Shabbat so no one is cooking on the Shabbat.

    We want people to feel comfortable coming to learn about YHWH (Adonai, The Lord) and their Hebraic roots and to experience His love and shalom (peace).

    We also want to teach people about proper Torah obedience and the proper respect for YHWH, Messiah, and His Torah.

    And God knows,we are right,and really faithfull to this: teaching the knowledge of YHWH God and His only begotten Son YHSWH Ha Mashiach our Lord and Saviour,and giving food,medecines and cloths to those who have not.
    So YHWH our Father and our God, bless us!

    On behalf of the College of Elders of The New jerusalem Ministry,and the Women of Vertue Group of Prayers,and courtesy of The New jerusalem Ministry SCA.

    Thanks for all the time taken to read about this ministry, hoping that YHWH our God has inspired you of any assistance that you gonna bring to us here, and wish you in advance, all the best in blessings.

    Giving honor and praises to Yah The Holy One of Israel, Our Anointed Lord and Savior Ahdonaynu HaMasheak, The Holy Princedom, Divine Ministers, Divine Orders of the Crowned Brothers and Sisters and all those striving for righteousness, Shalom, Shalom

    Shalom to our Beloved Yah Family and Friends of you, and around you!

    We have just, since september 21st,2011, ascended to the Hebraic New Year and we should now see the observable manifestation of the first fruits of those sacred seeds that we received in the last season. We should be preparing to offer up those first fruits unto Yah Yisrael through application of greater servitude unto Yah, the source of those fruits. This will cause Yah to continue to bless our endeavors, resulting in a great and abundant harvest in its proper season.


    KHAG -SA- MA – AHK.

    Yours faithfully,

    Pastor Johaness Dingome-BIYICK
    The New jerusalem Ministry

    You can also visit my Facebook Page, by simply searching for : Johaness Joszeph

  2. Jared Williams Says:

    This is funny considering that the Bible teaches that the Jews were enslaved to an already existent Egyptian culture, so that means Horus and his buddies predated the Jews and all their prophets because, again, according to the Bible (the book the guy who wrote the quote below believes) Judaism wasn’t the least bit organized until after the liberation from Egypt. Not to mention, the Bible teaches that the earth is around 6,000 years old. Isaiah was hanging out in Israel 700 years before Christ was allegedly born 2,000 years ago, so the 4,000 years claim in this quote would put the enslaved Jews under Egyptian rule along with dinosaurs roaming the earth and Adam and Eve having been just kicked out of the garden of Eden…

    • david1057 Says:

      Judeo Christianity did not begin with the Jews being enslaved in Egypt. Christianity began when God promised Adam & Eve that he will send a (Christ) Savior who will die for their sins. This is found not only in the bible, but in the first book ever written which is the book of Enoch AKA Enoch1.

      It’s also found in the book of Adam & Eve entitled Vita Adae et Evae. If the bible is wrong as you seem to imply, then the people behind it has had thousands of years to fix what you consider to be “inconsistencies”. Having said that, the bible remains true to the narration of the story it tells us. Being ignorant to the bible stories does not account for any inconsistencies, but it does account to your limited understanding of a God who is beyond human intellect.

      Yes, the bible hints to the earth being only a little over 600 years old. Concerning the prophet Isaiah, scholars are the ones dating the planet. So if they want to say that the planet is 20 billion years old, they can certainly do that. If they want to say that Isaiah prophesied Jesus 20 million years before his birth, they can certainly do that too. If they want to say that dinosaurs walked the earth 30 trillion years ago, then they can say that as well.

      We all have been brainwashed to believe what the “authorities” tell us or teach us in the public school system, even if is wrong or just a theory (i:e the big bang theory). But the fact concerning the dinosaurs can be found in the bible (Genesis 6), the book of Enoch (Chapter 6) and the book of Jasher.

      So now we have the bible and other books outside that predate the bible, all telling us a story of fallen angels creating giant hybrids in which hybrids began to tamper with DNA, in which some of this tampering resulted in what we know as “Dinosaurs”. This same fallen angels are back at it, this time posing as “alien beings” who continue to tamper with DNA & has shown the secrets of DNA tampering to the people who control this earth.

      That’s why we have a lot of cover ups when it comes to giants, UFOs, dinosaurs, & the truth that the bible speaks.
      If you want to believe them, rather than God, that is up to you!

  3. Jared Williams Says:

    Oh wow, you are a real lunatic. I am not implying that the Bible is inconsistent, false, or otherwise unfit for belief, I am affirming that it is inconsistent, false and unfit for belief. The god of the Bible, if he exists is a sadistic monster who has ordered the murder of children not even able to walk, let alone defend themselves. You are one crazy guy, scholars dating the earth have nothing to do with the claim that Isaiah was hanging out with Ahaz 4,000 years ago. There are records of WHEN these people existed, that is how we know that the claim of 4,000 years is complete bullshit.

  4. Stephen “Steve” Sponsler Says:

    Jared can’t was about 2700 years regard to the subject topic, Ray Stedman stated that Satan in anticipation of the Virgin birth of Christ simply brought man to come up with the false religions in advance so as when the Truth Manifested in Form people in the future would conjure up reasons by their imaginations not to believe. Worse, then (my reasoning) is then the Facts of the Reality were back-filled into those previous pagan religions to further obscure the Fact. Roman Catholicism continues to maintain Mary’s Virginity when the bible states that is not the case – on the other hand, I don’t know how much that has to do with one’s Salvation other than maybe one has not been open to receive it but it says more than just’s an entire mentality that is controlled by a sublime form of a hysteria.

    Luke 2: 7 “And she gave birth to her’ firstborn’ son; and she wrapped Him in cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

    Matthew 1:25
    But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.

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