The Illuminati Messiah Card: What Could be Next?


Any good Illuminati researcher can tell you that the globalist elite always telegraph their punches.
Take for instance, the Washington sniper case. During the times of the killings, Hollywood released a movie called Phone Booth. The movie was about a sniper on the loose. So is it a coincidence that the Illuminati also have a card of a sniper gone mad?

On this video we will take a closer look at the Illuminati Messiah card, meteor card, tidal wave card, and martial law card. All these things were depicted in one way shape or form in the movie deep impact back in 1998.
We know that the elite owns Hollywood and we further know that the best way to hide anything, including future plans is to hide it on plain site.
Judge for yourselves!

Watch video clip

 photo 21century_zps86639d97.gif


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3 Responses to “The Illuminati Messiah Card: What Could be Next?”

  1. m0k3d Says:

    I would like to add this video to my post on the INWO cards! I have pictures of about 400 cards! feel free to check it out.

    I just found your blog, NICE JOB! I think we might be on the same page?

    I set my blog up as a “community blog” I guess you could say? I can “add” other wordpress users and you can post through my dashboard just like yours! I would be great if you joined us! I wouldn’t even mind If you just copy and pasted same of your posts from here and added a bunch of links back to your blog, or whatever you might want to do? The site has been up for two months and is already generating a great deal of traffic

    If your interested you can reach me at

    If not no big deal! I have enjoyed visiting your site and will be back!

    • david1057 Says:

      Sorry for my delay response as I been swamped with many things going on & I’m just barely catching up with the comments.
      I will contact you shortly!
      God Bless!!!

  2. 32 Red Review Says:

    32 Red Review…

    […]The Illuminati Messiah Card: What Could be Next? « The Truth & The Light Ministries[…]…

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