16 Responses to “The Real Reason Behind The switch from Analog to Digital”

  1. indianinthemachine Says:

    thanks for this brilliant article….wake up couch potatoes…..God and His Messengers are outside your home, and there’s a knock on the door….

    Indian in the machine

  2. cottonwoodcreekfarm Says:

    Just found your site today as I was doing some research on HAARP. Keep up the good fight, brother. In the name of Yeshua.

  3. zeramourn Says:

    Ha. I knew there was SOMETHING sinister about this sudden change to digital, it just looked too suspicious.

  4. Bob Garon II Says:

    Hey great article and video.

    The QUESTION I have is, I understand the government wants to Big Brother us in every way they can, but what is the importance of you mentioning the Satanic cult leaders and followers putting the symbols in their media? What purpose does that have to us? Not like they can “watch” us or enter our homes and survey these cameras overhead as the government and police can.

    From the video you show it seems as though they are trying to warn us, but I’m thinking you have some more light to shed on that cause of course anything of a Satanic nature is not positive. I’m a Bible believing Christian and simply enjoy researching how I can protect myself from any governmental NWO.


    • david1057 Says:

      The purpose I’m putting this forward is to try to demonstrate that these people are Satanic, & are paying homage to Satan by flashing this sign of allegiance to Satan. Something that many refuse to believe.

      Now, the reasons why they do it are several. One is to communicate within those in the occult by telegraphing “we are with you, we are part of the same organization”.

      Another reason is because they are required (as I mentioned before,) to pay homage to Satan who placed them there.

      Third reason, it’s to get the people at the bottom to copy their gestures. Since these are role models, we have a bunch of people imitating what they see these people do on TV. By doing this, the masses are inadvertently paying homage to the prince of this world.

      Now, the only way we can protect ourselves from these individuals is by being in good standing with God, through praying & separation from this world & all worldly things offered by this world; such as secular music, all kinds of Rock music, movies, etc, etc.

      If we earnestly do these things & do our best to be sanctified, then we will be protected in the day of trouble. The purpose for these things to happen is to purify the bride (God’s people). Therefore, we must do our best to be pure in order to avoid a painful purification process by God if He finds us impure.

      God Bless!

      • Bob Garon II Says:

        Makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for your comments and I appreciate your thorough reply.

        I have been a strong Christian for as long as I can remember. I’m 32 now and nothing has changed. I will always believe that Jesus is the Son of God, The GOD, and my savior from my sins. The ONLY way to get to the Father is through the Son and Jesus came to this world to be a living sacrifice for us so that we don’t need to have damnation due to our sins. I believe He lived, died, and rose again and is seated at the right hand of the Father God awaiting his amazingly awesome return once again.

        I also couldn’t agree more with you regarding music and media being used as a weapon. When Lucifer was an angel in heaven he was in charge of music. So it’s no surprise he is wise in its power and uses it to subconsciously enchant both suspecting AND unsuspecting individuals. That’s the truth whether we believe it or not.

        We must be on guard as scripture says: “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” -1 Peter 5:8

        Thanks again! 🙂


    • david1057 Says:

      Be in good standing with God and claim the blood of Jesus for protection.

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  8. ingaorama Says:

    Thanks for these information..I have been aware of this for some years..but sadly to say it is hard to get people no matter what ages to “see”..some will go as they were blind into their death…not death by design..but by digital..

  9. ingaorama Says:

    They can mind control us trough these digital tv and all this new technology ..we get kind of consumed by it..like sucked into this thing when it is on though you actually is not watching..I have felt it my self..and wow..it take effort to stand up and turn it off..but I actually think it need to unplug also..it is not enough to turn it off.
    They also have start to use hologram…so kind of implanting images into our mind..so we may not let our guard down!
    I would listen and watch here…this make a big time sense in my mind..
    Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN, Silent Sound & Mind Control Technologies Part 1

    Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN, Silent Sound & Mind Control Techonolgies Part 2

    Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN, Silent Sound & Mind Control Technologies Part 3

  10. martinbluey73 Says:

    The Digital Signal is a lousy reception anyway.
    This will backfire on the Draco Reptilian Brotherhood.
    They are using desperate measures to cling on to power over us mammal humanoids at all costs. It won’t work in the long run, God’s plan will still go ahead. The Bible forewarned us about the being tagged in the New Testament.

  11. martinbluey73 Says:

    Alot of trash on Digital TV too, these days!

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